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    Going to SXSW this year with the intention to write a review about my experience. I’ve been to Austin but I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into with SXSW. Heard its dope, and will definitely be soaking up as much as I can and meeting as many new people as I can.

    I’ll be writing about it here and on the main blog. Just getting this going for now.

    Will be in Austin, TX March 10 – 17

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    Wow this came up quick! Been super busy for the past few weeks but my trip to SXSW is happening this weekend. Still haven’t convinced my buddy DJ who I’ll be hanging out with in Texas to sign up here but I’m on the media list at SXSW.

    Been getting a ton of emails every day. Whenever I get a minute to breathe I’m going to sit down and make up a schedule and respond to some people.

    One thing I think I’m definitely attending is the future of music dinner that I mentioned elsewhere. But I literally have probably over one hundred emails right now flooding my inbox and it’s all about cool shit happening in Austin next week.

    But I also have a plan for SXSW. I’ll be in town with a notebook in my pocket and a camera and I’ll be writing about my experience. I’m also looking to meet and network with people in town so hopefully some of them will join the forum while I’m there.

    I’ll write about it casually here and formally on Extra Chill.

    Update coming in the next couple of days once I figure out what exactly I’m going to try and do there.

    Working at Butterfly Bar, courtesy of Mia Al-Taher
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    I’ve been persuaded, bribed, IMPLORED to arrive here. Skidding and scattering, undone and unshowered, fresh off a gig and by god falling into body of work. It’s been one year and five months since arriving in Austin, Texas. The rest of the city and I have been sleeping on the ground – not the floor, not the patio, but the good-enough dirt. From down here it’s easy to put an ear to the earth and hear the cattle herd of tourism sure ‘nuff coming in as we speak. The ground shakes, dust cloud on the horizon. Venue managers and barbacks alike stand outside the front door and just LOOK at the billowing wall, shapes and faces forming and unraveling as premonitions of the impending stampede. South by South West in three … two …

    Last year I did all I could do, booking and running sound for the flutter that frequents Butterfly Bar. A DIY grab bag, garden stage and dirt-floor dining room under a pagan moon. Two speakers, two monitors, and a handful of mics are the only tools I’ve needed to put on concerts, occult rituals, naked feasts, and such a range of performances that I couldn’t possibly imagine til living through them. Bar and bathrooms live under a tin roof next to the shining relic of a hundred seat black box called The Vortex Theatre. Run by a stout witch for the past 35 years, it is deadly feminist, third eye woke, bold, and as brazen as the burning Texas sun. Graced with the locally legendary Patrizi’s Food Truck, the campus brings in a smattering of people that could never guess what curiosities their visit will bring them. I’ve fought tooth and nail to build the music programming and production into something to be proud of, suffering budget-cuts, heartbreaks, and more sleeping on the god damned dirt. I’ve built a musical community that fancies our establishment the proper blend of weird yet heartfelt. We regularly set songs on their maiden voyage, tweak and tailor sets in real time, and in general get artists comfortable and loose enough to let their freak flags fly.

    Yes, last year we toiled in the sun all festival long at our little off-beat half-venue. But this year … we walk through the portal into the big fray that is proper, down-home, crazy South by South West.

    Yah starting off we’re running monitors at Stubb’s BBQ, a 2,500 cap venue that’s, you guessed it – outside on the dirt. Poised in the Red River Cultural district, Stubb’s is the biggest of the venues on the strip, followed in size and notoriety by the rock n roll staple that is Mohawk. You roll along to neon-lit Cheer Up Charlies, dark and dungeous 13th Floor, American brick room Chess Club, on, and on, and on. I’ll spend some time running security around the corner at Empire Control Room and Garage, a local dig that prides itself on being fully, completely independent. And that’s just Red River.

    Throughout the week you’ll find us hosting a fully improvised open jam at the sleeper stage of Voodoo Doughnut, cream-filled in the middle of Dirty 6th, the raucous riot that is a sloppy combo of Nashville’s Broadway New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. Every. Single. Building will have live music from sunup, to sundown, all the way til the city forces everything to close for a couple hours of much needed rest.

    Spending most of our living and sleeping hours on East Sixth, you don’t have to look too far to spot the real indie icons and true-as-sin cowboys. Hotel Vegas crowns the stars in local musician’s eyes as the coolest spot in Austin – which also harbors it with the most vitriolic haters of any venue I’ve ever witnessed. Conjoined by a brick wall and a courtyard with Volstead, these sister establishments are THEE PLACES to show face if you value your social clout at all. Your humble narrator will be working several A2 shifts out on the back patio for official shenanigans, as well as a couple stints running sound at Volstead. Nearby you’ll find lines wrapped around Shangri-La, Zilker Brewing, and Lefty’s for official events. More people than you’ve ever seen on a street outside of New York, the festival in it’s fullest swing is a thing to behold.

    And that’s just the official shit. Every bar, every business, every vacant stoop, will have music going EVERY DAY. You’re invited to a house show up the street with free joints, sponsored by Red Bull. You catch wind of a small building tucked behind a restaurant that has a live art installation and noise show going all night long. You heard there is a famous comedian holding court inside this bar if you could just get the bouncer to get his head out of his ass and quit letting his friends in before you. Did I mention we’re having an open jam at Voodoo Doughnut on dirty 6th? Wednesday night, it’ll be up and running by 7pm.

    I’m working some 80+ hours during the 7 day tenure that our sterling captain Chris Huber is in town, a fine reward for all the effort I’ve put into navigating this city. To have our crowned Chubes crashing in my home studio, caffing up at Cuvee, and roaming on foot into the streets of Texas is about as lofty of a goal as I could have set when I first tumbled into town. The first year and some-odd months have all been leading up to the OPPORTUNITY to participate in the the antics of our musical mecca during it’s holy season. It’s South by South West baby. Hold onto your hats, because everything is bigger out here. Just you wait.

    Working at Butterfly Bar, courtesy of Mia Al-Taher
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    I’m on the forum now ya narc.

    I heard tale that mushies will be making their way around our open jam at Voodoo Donut Wednesday evening … thats 3/8/24 for all those brave enough for dirty 6th. This jam will be maybe the 50th from a fairly consistent group of Austin musicians, and with the SXSW chaos pressed between psychedelics and macabre doughnuts … well, we’re gonna teleport SOMEWHERE that night.

    Us and thousands of festival attendees.

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    @Davidj-edwards my guy! can’t wait for the jam. Should we make some art for it just for fun? Will have time throughout my travels to work on stuff like that

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    Working at Butterfly Bar, courtesy of Mia Al-Taher
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    Someone is working on the flier, but I don’t think EC is officially on it. We normally get 30+ musicians out with minimal notice.


    also, there is a weed and coffee “lounge” put on by Electric Church a couple days. Underground flier below


    Working at Butterfly Bar, courtesy of Mia Al-Taher
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    Flier didn’t post, who programmed this damn site? Can’t post a photo from phone smh 😉


    417 Robert Martinez at 5th

    3/15 and 3/16 12pm-6pm

    Weed, coffee, vinyl DJs, vintage clothes, and a lounge


    Hosted by the DIY Champs at Electric Church

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    You can post a photo from your phone. Wait a second after pressing upload so it has time to go from your phone to the server…


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    uploaded from my cell phone

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    Gathering my SXSW plans tonight. Breaking down a loose itinerary here by day. Basically just noting anything from the official schedule that catches my attention. Obviously this is subject to change, and there is way more happening than I will be able to attend.

    Sunday, March 10th

    Arrive in Austin 4pm

    Head to Butterfly Bar to meet up with @davidj-edwards, check out the reggae show there.

    Then go to Austin Convention Center to pick up my badge

    Monday, March 11th

    10am – 11am:Brands as Amplifiers: Fueling the Universal Passion of Music
    Austin Convention Center room 18cd
    Speakers from Mastercard (Raja Rajamannard) and Live Nation (Russell Wallach)

    11:15am – 1:30pm: Documentary Screening: How to Build a Truth Engine
    Violet Crown Cinema 2
    Documentary about modern media and misinformation

    11:30am – 12:30pm: AI and the Future of Loneliness Panel Discussion
    EU House at Parkside

    11:30am – 12:30pm: Featured Session: AI and Humanity’s Co-evolution with OpenAI’s Head of ChatGPT
    Austin Convention Center / Ballroom D

    2:30pm – 3:30pm: AI and the Future of Truth – panel discussion
    The Thompson Hotel Austin / Red River Ballroom

    2:30 – 3:30pm: Cannabis Around the World: Where are the Big Opportunities?
    Hilton Austin Downtown / Salon G

    6pm – The Future of Music Dinner hosted by Aimi
    7601 S Congress Ave Ste 480 Austin, TX 78745
    RSVPed to this with my boy Oliver

    7:30 – 8pm: China Bears – Music Showcase
    British Music Embassy at Sheraton (Downright Austin)

    8pm – 8:40pm: Neptune’s Core @ Cooper’s BBQ
    Cool all-female experimental rock group

    8:50pm – 9:20pm: Deer Park Avenue @ Mohawk Outdoor
    German rock duo (two sisters), but the name reminds me of Long Island

    9pm – 9:40pm: Laney Tripp @ Cooper’s BBQ
    Singer-songwriter (same venue as Neptune’s Core)
    reminds me of Phoebe Bridgers vibes (lots of songwriters go for this vibe nowadays)

    10pm – 11:30pm: Mogwai @ the Moody Theatre

    10pm – 10:40pm: Shallow Alcove @ Cooper’s BBQ
    not familiar with this band, but based on the other stuff happening at this venue i’m probably going to dig

    10pm – 10:40pm: ZADA @ Swan Dive
    experimental R&B

    10:15 – 10:55pm: Living Hour @ Swan Dive Patio
    vibey indie rock

    10:50pm – 11:20pm: Laney Jones @ Mohawk Indoor

    11:40pm – 12:10am: Salsa Windfall @ Mohawk Indoor

    12am – 12:40am: Winona Fighter @ Valhalla
    Punk rock!

    At this point in the night it becomes anything goes… and there is a lot going on, Wow!

    1am: The Rare Occasions @ Coopers BBQ

    1:20am – 2am: Do Nothing @ Mohawk Outdoor

    Then there are some late night sets listed as time TBA… not sure where I’ll be after 2am, it depends how the night goes!

    Plastic Palms @ Parkside
    Lofi punk-inspired rock

    Tuesday, March 12th

    10am -11am: AI Isn’t Coming for Your Job, But Those Using It Will
    panel discussion on AI – the title is something I definitely agree with
    JW Marriott / Salon FGH

    11:30am – 12:30pm:Eliminating ‘Forever Chemicals’ from the World’s Water
    Climate change discussion sesh

    C4 Energy – Try it @ registrant lounge?
    12pm – 7pm

    12pm – 12:30pm – Wez Atlas @ Palm Door on Sixth Patio
    daytime hip-hop showcase

    12:50 – 1:20pm: Hypnosis Therapy @ Palm Door on Sixth Patio
    Electronic vibes following the afternoon hip-hop

    1:40 – 2:20pm: Subsonic Eye @ Palm Door on Sixth Patio
    continuing the day party with rock & roll

    2:30pm – 3:30pm – Harnessing the Power of the Ocean: All-Hands-on-Deck
    Hilton Austin Downtown / Salon B
    right up my alley as a boat captain

    2:30pm – 3:30pm -Salvador Dali, AI, and The Future of Creativity
    Austin Convention Center / Room 9AB
    AI is the theme of SXSW sessions in 2024 it seems, looking forward to this stuff as someone with a big interest in AI

    2:30pm – 4:30pm  –Think Like an Innovator: Master Associative Thinking
    discussion on creative leadership
    Courtyard Marriott / Rio Grande Ballroom 2

    4pm – 5pm:The Cost of Admission & the Next Era of Ticketing
    as someone who is strongly anti Live Nation and Ticketmaster, it will be interesting to see what gets discussed at this
    Austin Convention Center / Room 18AB

    6pm – 6:40pm – Bones and Jones @ International Day Stage
    alt-country group from Australia. rad!

    7pm – 7:40pm – Rain on Fridays @ Low Down Lounge
    downbeat indie grunge

    8pm – 8:40pm – Daisy Rickman @ Victorian Room at The Driskill
    Dreamy singer-songwriter, listening now and love it

    8pm – 8:40pm – Gummy Fan @ Chess Club
    love the band name, know nothing about them!

    8pm – 8:40pm – Mel Bryant and the Mercy Makers @ Low Down Lounge

    8pm – 8:45pm – Omni @ 800 Congress
    I saw this band play in Charleston once several years back. I remember them being pretty good, and I know they’re one of those hipster craze bands

    8pm – 8:45pm – Sugadaisy @ Empire Garage
    awesome band name

    Alright, looks like I’ll be making some tough calls for the 8pm slot.. and probably all weekend as i come across other things to do.. but it’s always good to start with a plan, right?

    8:15pm – 8:55pm – Doohickey Cubicle @ Swan Dive Patio
    another great freaking band name, super conflicted on time slots. wowza

    8:50 – 9:20pm – The Dumes @ Mohawk Outdoor
    rad band

    9pm – 940pm – DENDÊ & BAND @ Flamingo Cantina
    dude seems awesome

    9pm – 9:40pm – Rusty Dusty @ Chess Club

    9:30 – 10:10pm – Pendulum Hearts @ Coopers BBQ
    Cooper’s changing up the vibes with some country this day

    10pm – 10:40pm – Folk Bitch Trio @ Victorian Room at The Driskill

    10pm – 10:40pm – Hot Garbage @ Swan Dive
    punk rock

    10pm – 10:40pm – Cosmo Pyke @ Seven Grand
    groovy singer-songwriter

    10:30pm – 11:10pm – Cactus Lee @ Cooper’s BBQ
    country/folk vibes

    11pm – 11:40pm – Creekbed Carter Hogan @ The Iron Bear
    dark folk

    11pm – 11:40pm – Seafoam Walls @ Cuatro Gato
    experimental jazz

    11:15 – 11:55pm – Babe Corner @ Swan Dive Patio

    I’m not really sure how close together these places are, or how packed it will be, but I imagine I can just hop around. I know there are unofficial showcases too, which aren’t even listed on the SXSW website. There is like an overwhelming amount of shit to do each day. But, I will trudge on through the schedule and find my bearings somehow.

    Most of these bands I haven’t even heard of. I’m just going by who has an interesting name or vibe.

    11:45pm – 12:30am – Luna Luna @ Stubbs
    Latin music at one of Austin’s most iconic venues

    12am – 12:40am – Crabe @ Swan Dive
    late night punk rock, bound to be a blast

    12am – 12:40am – King Nun @ Seven Grand
    more loud late night rock & roll

    12am – 12:50am – Library Card @ Low Down Lounge
    it’s a tuesday night for rock n roll – more punk rock

    12:10 – 12:50am – The Dinosaur’s Skin @ Palm Door on Sixth Patio
    late night vibed-out indie

    12:30am – 1:20am – Ethan Tasche @ Empire Control Room
    this is some cool folk-pop music

    1am – 1:40am – The Lottery Winners @ Seven Grand
    weird rock music

    and then again… the night devolves into TBA set times…

    Wednesday, March 13th

    This is @davidj-edwards day off and we’ll be having a showcase that night at Voodoo Doughnut from 7pm – midnight. Open jam for any artists who want to be involved. That said, I will briefly run through the daytime events to see what’s going on.

    11:30am – 12:30pm –Design for Climate Adaptation
    JW Marriott / Salon 7
    in the changing world climate, it will be interesting to see how people are preparing design to cope with it and anticipate it.

    11:30am – 12:30pm -What is a Magazine in the Digital Age?
    of interest for obvious reasons…
    Austin Convention Center / Room 9AB

    12 – 6pm – Free Lacroix
    Inn Cahoots Outdoor

    2:30pm – 3:30pm -Facing Death Without Fear: Psychedelics for End-of-Life Care
    Austin Convention Center / Room 18AB
    i love psychedelics

    at this point in the day, I imagine I will be heading into unofficial SXSW territory….

    Thursday, March 14th

    Anticipating a long night on Wednesday, I’m going to only briefly scan the morning events this day and go straight for the music at night.

    10am – How to Build a Community on Discord, Circle & Beyond
    relevant for me trying to build a freaking forum in 2024, not sure if ill make this

    11am – 6pm – FLOODFest @ Mohawk Outdoor
    Hosted by FLOOD Magazine. Interesting to see how another magazine handles their festival setup within a larger festival. Cool concept and something I would love to replicate. Maybe I can meet some of these people.

    11:30am – 12:30pm – Collaboration vs Competition: Community Building for Creatives
    I talk about this all the time. Alright, I guess they’re hooking me with shit that speaks directly to me in the AM hours…
    Austin Convention Center / Room 9AB

    11:30am – 12pm – Gareth Donkin @ Mohawk Indoor
    groovy white boy soul

    12pm – 12am – Marshall Funhouse
    seems like an interesting thing to check out if i’m nearby

    1pm – 7pm – Rainey Street Revival
    Another all-day festival type event

    11am – 6:25pm – Sounds Australia Day Party @ Lucille

    I guess I’ll pick one of those and float between them.

    8:15pm – 8:55pm – Early James @ Mohawk Outdoor
    Heard of this guy, never listened

    It’s pretty hard to know where exactly I’ll be… again. But this is sounding cooler by the minute! Wow… SXSW… the event I’ve heard about since ages ago when I first got into music…

    8:30pm – 9:10pm – McKinley James @ Mohawk Outdoor
    Presented by Easy Eye Sound, Dan Auerbach’s label

    This night the big dogs seem to come out to play with showcases by Rolling Stone, Billboard, etc. The pinnacle of what Extra Chill could become (but hopefully way cooler).

    9pm – 9:40pm – Danny Bonilla @ The Grackle
    Latin music. and this dude has an awesome headshot.

    9pm – 9:40pm – Dirt Buyer @ Low Down Lounge
    another awesome band name. this venue seems to have a lot of lesser known, loud artists

    I’m also noticing that several artists are playing multiple showcases. Different venues, different times of day. Cool opportunity but what a grind!

    9:15pm – 9:55pm – Good Looks at Las Perlas
    Another chance to catch this band that sounds pretty cool.

    9:30pm – 10:10pm – Jimmy Duck Holmes @ Mohawk Indoor
    blues, baby. Love a good change of pace

    9:40pm – 10:10pm – Rose Hotel @ Lambert’s
    ayy the first artist that I’m connected with I’ve come across thus far. Rose Hotel used to sing harmonies & tour with SUSTO.

    10pm – 10:40pm – Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country @ Antone’s
    Oh yeah. The first jam band i’ve come across. But only a 40 minute set! Oh well, you know where I’ll be for this one.

    10:50pm – 11:40pm – Dinosaur Jr. @ Parish
    Something tells me this one is going to be really hard to get into.

    11pm – 11:40pm – Bad Bad Hats @ 13th Floor
    Good band.

    11pm – 11:45pm – The Barr Brothers @ Speakeasy Ballroom
    Another good band.

    Oh yeah. This night looks sick!

    11pm – 11:40pm – Brainstory @ Antone’s
    Sticking around here after DDCC seems like something I would do.

    12am – 12:30am – Sweet Spine @ Hotel Vegas
    I have heard of this venue. Will probably go to this.

    12:15am – 1:45am – The Black Keyes perform songs from Delta Kream @ Mohawk Outdoor
    Yeah this is going to be cool. Super packed, probably. But cool if i can get in.

    12:15 am – 12:55am – Sam Tudor @ Swan Dive Patio

    1am – 1:45am – Bleach Lab @ Valhalla
    Late night loud rock baby

    1am – 1:40am – Oh He Dead at Antone’s
    This has gotta be a United Talent showcase…

    I’m pretty decided on Antone’s this night. Seems like it’s set up for the heads.

    Friday, March 15th

    BMI Brunch – Sometime this morning. My friend Gab invited me, but I don’t have the deets yet. I’ll probably hear about some things to do from people at this event, considering I’ll know at least one person there. This day feels a bit open ended to me. Also, it’s a marathon up to this point.

    It seems to me like Thursday is the peak of this thing. The events slow down a bit on Friday.

    2pm – 7pm – Wild Fork: Rhythm & Roast Showcase
    For some reason, I’m thinking food this day. Maybe I’m just hungry right now.

    12:30pm – 4pm – Wasserman Day Party @ Mohawk Outdoor
    Another encounter with the enemy possible this day. (the enemy being major music industry agencies)

    5pm – 7pm – Music Industry Happy Hour @ Fairmont / Rules & Regs
    Will this be sterile or cool? Who knows. Will stop by if I’m nearby and check it out, perhaps enjoy myself a crispy miller lite.

    9:30pm – 10pm – Color Green @ Antone’s
    Good band, at the venue from the night before. Like this place’s style based on bookings…

    9:40pm – 10:25pm – The Red Clay Strays @ Moody Theatre
    in case i’m feelin some country vibes

    10pm – 10:40pm – Swamp Dogg @ Cooper’s BBQ
    gimme that R&b baby

    11pm – 12am – Faye Webster @ The Moody Theatre
    Another one that is probs goin to be packed. But she is so so good and I’ll try my best to make this one.

    11pm – 11:40pm – Pronoun @ The Iron Bear
    Pretty sure DJ is filling in on drums for this one.

    11:10pm – 12am – Ben Kweller @ Mohawk Outdoor

    11:45pm – 12:45am – LSD and the Search for God @ Hotel Vegas Patio
    You know this is going to be weird as shit.

    12am – 12:45am – Blushing @ Hotel Vegas
    While searching for God, we’re Blushing

    12:30am – 2am – The Black Keys at Stubbs
    Yeah, here’s your headliner.

    Lots of other stuff going on late night. I’m not a huge Black Keys fan but it would be cool to see them at Stubb’s. I’ve heard such great things about that place.

    Saturday, March 16th

    12-6pm @ Cheer Up Charlies Final Day party/showcase, made known to me by @thenewcuriouscity
    Lots of good bands. This is probably where I’ll be on my final day in Austin.

    8pm – 2am – SXSW Closing Party @ Palm Door on Sixth

    Will be tired, but this is the night cap for the week. The next day I fly back to Jacksonville.

    Report back to see what I actually do!


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    Yo! Sick writeups here so far. I’m excited to also be attending my first SXSW. I’m just a face in the crowd but I love to make new connections in the music scene. I live in Austin and I just happened to stumble across this site while planning out my week. Looks like I’m not the only one doing that.

    Thanks for making a space for people to stay connected during the festival! Can’t wait to see the review.



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    Just gotta say, based my first morning at South By, this place is amazing. The creative industries expo in the Austin Convention Center is so rad.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get into the OpenAI thing. At capacity long before it started.

    Austin's Finest Toast
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    Sup! Anyone here catch the show at Hotel Vegas last night? Die Spitz was awesome! Local band, all chicks who play freaking metal. People casually walking up onto the stage and jumping out into the crowd.

    Pretty solid first night of music at SXSW, I’d say.

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    Hi everybody, Suzie here, I am volunteering at SXSW, and I love keeping up with the music industry and DIY artists. SXSW is my favorite time of year because I always find out about so many great new artists and music blogs!

    Chris, it was very nice chatting with you yesterday at the Austin Convention Center! Am I now “Extra Chill? 🙂

    P.S. – Cool music forum! Happy to be a part of it and thanks for creating a space for DIY music to thrive.



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    Hey @southbysuzie and @texastoasted – thanks for joining! Suze, it was nice chatting with you as well! The creative industries expo at the Austin Convention Center is so cool. It’s like a country fair for technology. I definitely plan on getting back over there today. Just having a slow start this morning. SXSW is quite the marathon!

    Just wanted to list off all my favorite acts from yesterday. Don’t have reviews ready because I’m about to head back out for the day, but I saw a lot of great music yesterday.

    Gran Moreno @ Vaquero

    Greg Freeman @ Cheer Up Charlies

    Ringo Death Starr @ Hotel Vegas

    Flags @ Volstead Lounge

    Font @ Hotel Vegas

    Die Spitz @ Hotel Vegas

    Sextiles @ Hotel Vegas (i think that was their name, someone correct me if I’m wrong)

    To answer your question TexasToasted, yes, I did see Die Spitz last night. Pretty sick band! My buddy was telling me that they are like the most renowned local band in Austin right now. Hope to catch them again later this week, as well as Greg Freeman. That shit was some dope, genre-less rock music!

    Also shoutout to the Gray Market for playing some JGB on the street and serving up a delicious lunch for me yesterday.

    Getting ready to head back out the door again here shortly. Maybe I’ll run into y’all out and about today! My initially planned schedule went almost completely out the window, which I guess was to be expected.


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