We’re a little bit anti-establishment here at Extra Chill, so we try to keep the rules as few as possible. However there are of course some things that we like to keep in mind and enforce.

1. Be Kind

Pretty straightforward. Don’t be a jerk. You’re allowed to be critical of the music of course. But we’re not here to ruin anybody’s day. There are plenty of other internet places for that.

2. Don’t Spam

There are places on this forum that allow self-promotion and places that don’t. If you self-promote in a place where self-promotion is not allowed, then your post will be deleted and your account will be flagged by the mods. Continue to break this rule and we will have to ban the account.

3. No Political Arguments

There are places on the internet that are created for arguing about politics. This is not one of them. Keep all political discussions civil.

4. Respect Copyright and Intellectual Property

If you are sharing something, please ensure that it does not infringe upon the intellectual property of another person. This is especially relevant for photos sourced from the internet, as copyright laws surrounding this can be strict and unforgiving.

5. Privacy and Safety

While the Extra Chill Community is a place designed for music fans to connect with artists and industry professionals, please be mindful that this is a public forum and everything posted here can be viewed by any random person on the internet. Respect the privacy of yourself and others and do not post anything that would endanger somebody’s personal safety.