Young Mister – “Run Away With Me”

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    Young Mister – “Run Away With Me”
    Published: October 30, 2020

    Today, Young Mister releases the lead single, “Run Away With Me”, off his upcoming album This Is Where We Are Now, which was recently announced for release on November 13th. This Is Where We Are Now is one of three albums that Young Mister has planned for release in the next few months, and it will be given a limited vinyl pressing of 100 copies.

    “Run Away With Me” is warm and gentle, kind of like sitting beside a fire in the wintertime. Steven sings about escaping to a secluded place with a loved one and waiting in peace for the craziness in the world to blow over. More and more with each subsequent release does Steven Fiore remind me of Tom Petty. Perhaps it’s just that he’s getting older, as he sung about on “Familiar Colors”, but I think it’s more that he’s becoming more comfortable with his vocal delivery and what he brings to the table as an artist.

    Ever since the move from Charleston, SC to the mountains of NC, really, there’s been a subtle shift in Young Mister’s energy. I don’t think there’s any Young Mister songs that sound quite as warm and fuzzy as this one, and I’d be pleased if the rest of the album shares that same quality.

    Listen to “Run Away With Me” by Young Mister below, and stay tuned for the music video coming soon.

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