Young Mister – “Owls”

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    Young Mister – “Owls”
    Published: October 17, 2022

    North Carolina-based folk artist Young Mister dropped a new single, “Owls,” on Thursday. It’s his newest piece of music since “Find You Again,” which he released in September of this year. 

    “Owls” is a melodic acoustic guitar track with introspective narrative-style lyrics that skew both melancholy and optimistic. “Feel a little lonely / But I’ve still got you with me / I’m just waiting on my luck to change,” the song begins, setting up this dichotomy. 

    “Drink a little water in the morning / Remember that it’s only a job to keep you moving / And get you paid,” the lyrics continue, showing Steven Fiore’s attempt at self-soothing reassurance. The chorus delves further into this internal monologue as Fiore asks himself  “I’ve got owls surrounding my house / Is that a good sign?”

    A stronger guitar riff jangles in the background, and female backing vocals chime in, somehow adding both depth and levity. 

    Young Mister will share the stage at Riverfront Park with The High Divers and She Returns From War this weekend, October 22nd for Charleston Beer Fest. You can stream “Owls” below to get pumped for the show. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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