Young Mister – “Easier”

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    Young Mister – “Easier”
    Published: March 18, 2020

    Yesterday, Young Mister released a new track called “Easier”. According to his post on this track was meant for a pre-tour surprise release. Of course, the tour, which included a stop through SXSW where Young Mister was an Official Artist, has been cancelled due to Coronavirus. Just like the entirety of SXSW, and everything else.

    “Now, this is for your loneliness, this is for your happiness, and this is for your hope,” Young Mister said in his Instagram post. “All we can do is keep social distancing and be kind to one another. Drop the political spears and take a look around and realize that we’re all in this together. About to write that post about how Trump is the worst? Stop, don’t — write something beautiful instead. About to share a meme about how Democrats will ruin everything? Stop, don’t — share something that will bring joy to everyone instead. Breathe deep, listen to the music, and the world will keep turning.”

    “Easier” is the first taste of new Young Mister music since the release of the full-length Sudden Swoon last year. The song is more of the peaceful indie folk that we’ve come to expect from Young Mister, with a focus on Steven’s songwriting that shines as always. The lyrics are hopeful that things in life will get easier, and reflective on one’s own shortcomings and mistakes. I’d say that’s appropriate enough for the reality we’re all currently living.

    Listen to “Easier” by Young Mister below.

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