Wilco – “Sunloathe” (Video)

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    Wilco – “Sunloathe” (Video)
    Published: September 19, 2012

    Chicago indie rock legends Wilco have just unveiled the animated music video for “Sunloathe” off their most recent album, The Whole Love, released in September 2011. The “Sunloathe” video was directed by Peter Glantz (Andrew W.K., OK Go!) with animation by Nathaniel Murphy, who also contributed some illustrations as part of the packaging for Wilco’s 2007 album Sky Blue Sky.

    “Sunloathe” is a bit of a sleeper track on The Whole Love, and is not one that stood out upon first listen. As is the case with many Wilco songs, though, “Sunloathe” one tends to grow on you the more you listen to it, and especially when it’s paired with a music video as excellent as this one. The animated music video features all sorts of psychedelic creatures engaged in an epic, rather medieval and abstract adventure. One of the creatures (the one with the tan robe) even looks oddly similar to Jeff Tweedy, which may or may not have been done on purpose.

    Watch the music video for “Sunloathe” by Wilco below.

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