Ville Made Rizzy & Buddy Bambahda – “Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Hennessy Wingz)” (Video)

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    Ville Made Rizzy & Buddy Bambahda – “Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Hennessy Wingz)” (Video)
    Published: July 19, 2023

    It’s been a minute since we’ve had a #GxldApproved freestyle drop. Thanks to Buddy Bambahda and Ville Made Rizzy’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Hennessy Wingz)” video, the drought is over. These Charleston rooted artists let their pens bleed through the paper with this one.

    Opening this collaborative cover of Drake and Rick Ross’ “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” is Charleston’s very own, Buddy Bambahda. Over the years Buddy Bambahda has released a few singles, including his recent release “The Reintroduction”, a track preparing listeners for a strong reemergence back into Charleston’s hip hop scene. Brandishing a similar tone, Buddy Bambahda brings a healthy serving of food for thought to the track, with powerful words and contemplative lyrics.

    “Heart solid put out of place/I bounce around my city, I ain’t even at my place / work got me gone and business got me mission’ / aye, heavy is the crown, only if you pay attention/been walking for a minute and ridin’ even longer / I show em how to get it and the value of a dollar / that’s what it is to me cuz everybody gotta eat / but you can’t blame me if you don’t practice what you preach.”

    Ville Made Rizzy has dropped a few potent freestyle covers outside of his 2019 single “FrFr” and his initial collab with Buddy Bambahda, “4s”. Though his catalog is few in numbers, the depth and blunt honesty of his lyrics is sure to keep you locked in. On top of the relatable realities of his verses, Rizzy has a slick pen and great wordplay.

    “I just had my heart broken/ in too deep so I can’t lose focus / still getting money just to put you on notice/picture me depressed, imagine if I never wrote this / but I ain’t never been the type that’s gonna worry/about —— opinions cuz them lines get blurry / know a few —— winnin’, and a f*** —- hatin’ / make sure he keep distance, keep a couple Steph Curry’s / if you never overstood me, how could you understand?”

    This is a 7 minute conversation with two creatives balancing the internal battles of their heartbreak, new and old journeys, finicky energy, and wanting thriving through it all. I enjoy covering freestyles like this because it’s the raw energy from what the writer was going through in the moment.

    Tap in and watch the video to Ville Made Rizzy and Buddy Bambahda’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Hennessy Wingz)”.

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