Vilai Harrington & The Hamptones – “From Beyond”

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    Vilai Harrington & The Hamptones – “From Beyond”
    Published: April 30, 2020

    Greenville folk outfit Vllai Harrington & The Hamptones have a new single out this morning called “From Beyond”. The standalone track was recorded to tape at Greer Castle, and is the band’s first release of 2020. Vilai is a longtime staple in the Greenville music scene, and a friend of our friend Darby Wilcox.

    “From Beyond” is a song about the inescapable mortality of life, and acceptance of that fact. “When my time comes,” Vilai sings in the intro, “I’ll never be lonely / I’ll never get hungry / I might get old.” Vilai sings with that old folk wisdom; the kind that could just be from last night’s whiskey bottle, but it sounds so authentic that you’ll never know the difference.

    “The concept of the song is that each verse is about atleast one fallen artist and how they went or what they enjoyed, from Elvis Presley to Townes Van Zandt, from Jeff Buckley to Buddy Holly,” Vilai explains. “Mortality is just a part of life and I feel that we should embrace it.”

    Listen to “From Beyond” by Vilai Harrington & The Hamptones below. 

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