Tyrie – “No Cap” / “AINT SWEET”

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    Tyrie – “No Cap” / “AINT SWEET”
    Published: January 9, 2023

    Rapper Tyrie released two new singles this weekend, “No Cap” and “AINT SWEET.” The tracks dropped ahead of his performance at Royal American Saturday night for the Rapper of the Year Showcase that also featured Semkari, SXVXNT, R Dotta, and Kuntry.

    “No Cap” is centered around an icey soundscape that allows Tyrie’s rapping to be center stage, with a deep beat punctuating his words. “I can’t rap about money / They don’t like what we talk about,” he says. Reverb and echoes lend a trippy quality to the track.

    “AINT SWEET” feels different, sonically, in that it begins with a smooth start. A floaty acoustic riff is heard in the background as Tyrie spits straightforward lines like “Shit, the world is crazy.” It’s a rap ballad about the toughness of the scene, and he laments the existence of the haters and denounces the shady things that others do. “Pick your poison and your pain / Call your mama when it rain.” Each line lands with poignancy as he adds “Shit aint sweet.” 

    Tyrie has been dropping bangers lately, and these two tracks are no exception. Stream “No Cap” and “AINT SWEET” below. 

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