Tyrie – Fuego Times Vol. 2 (Album Review)

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    Tyrie – Fuego Times Vol. 2 (Album Review)
    Published: July 25, 2023

    Tyrie continues his ‘presidential run’ with the release of Fuego Times Vol.2. Since the release of Fuego Times Vol.1, Tyrie has been on a myriad of shows from New Orleans to Charolette. This self produced series, filled with collaborations from some of Charleston’s most gifted and well-known creatives, seems to be an almost memoir of the phases, stages, and frameworks that circulate in not only the local scene, but in and around his life during these times.

    Setting the tone with “Presidental Runs” featuring Shepherd, Tyrie opens with a slow paced, sample driven instrumental, creating a dreamy landscape in a song about pursuing and manifesting your dreams. The only way to manifest the dream is to put in the work to make it a reality. Tyrie and Shepherd touch on the affirmations and principles they stand by, in order to continue separating themselves from the hate, doubt, ‘capped’ visions and continue to catch stride and take off.

    I’m always drawn to Tyrie’s one of kind self-production. From the instrumentals, melodies, effects, layers, etc-Tyrie makes the most of every track and if that isn’t enough, he consistently snaps with a purpose. “Center Court” featuring Sxvxnt is a great example of Tyrie executing this contrast.

    He takes a bouncy hook, the punchy-high volume flow of Sxvxnt, and makes a statement about how no opposition can stop their vision of success from becoming reality. Sitting center court at a basketball game is a representation of status, and though that’s not the full purpose of their journey-they get the point across that they will work to have everything they strive for musically and as men. “Center Court” is a snippet for what’s to come from Tyrie and Sxvxnt, as they will be finishing out this summer with Medal Stand Mini Tour” this August.

    Semkari appears on “Hard to Tame” with Tyrie’s ethereal and spacey vocals over the background ambience of faded synths and quaking 808’s. Tyrie delivers the melody and paints the pictures of a love that’s hard to tame and Semkari executes a spicy verse about being an unstoppable force. Heavy Weeknd, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti vibes. Sit in a car and crank the bass on this one, it’s wild.

    Tyrie continues to mix it up with the intense trap-house vibes of “Strike a Pose” featuringg DJ DollaMenu. Definitely a track that could paint the scene of Charleston’s nightlife/club scene. Crazy production, chant-able hook, and mad flex lyrics from two of Charleston’s most prominent creatives in the scene.

    Both Tyrie and DJ Dollamenu have been ‘striking poses’ all year as they both have been trailblazing outside of the city and setting a standard for the energy and talent that will continue to expand from the city of Charleston.

    Closing Fuego Times Vol.2 is “Run the Fade” featuring Slim S.O.U.L. The title is self explanatory and let’s you know that you have to watch for snakes, stay prayed up, papered up, and be ready to ‘run the fade’ about your passions. Blunt and honest lyrics about avoiding the hate and ‘cappery’ in the scene in order to continue to prevail towards the success of more ‘fuego times’.

    All in all, another dope example of Tyrie’s range as an engineer, producer, rapper, and overall creative. He curated some AMAZING features and each artist brought their signature flavors to this #GxldApproved Fuego Times series.

    If you haven’t heard Fuego Times,Vol.1 check it out, but for now, stream and tap into Fuego Times Vol.2 below.

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