Tyrie – “All Love” feat. Anfernee

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    Tyrie – “All Love” feat. Anfernee
    Published: May 11, 2023

    The man, the myth, the inevitable legend, Tyrie, has released a fire single release featuring Anfernee titled “All Love”. This preemptive strike by Tyrie is the first of many upcoming releases that will lead into another full project by the producer/engineer/artist. As you know, Tyrie is one of the many featured artists that blessed the stage at The Cultura Festival this past weekend at The Royal American, but his approach and energy was indeed one of a kind.

    Featuring two of Charleston’s most prominent experimental hip-hop artists, Tyrie’s self-produced, “All Love”, speaks on the age old concept of being slept on by the very ones that are supposedly ‘showing love’. Whether that love is support, giving kudos, or offering opportunity-it seems that it’s never there when it’s needed. To even further that thought-sometimes it’s ‘all love’ until people see you as a threat and just as sure as the weather..you can watch the love change. But with that, we must continue to apply relentless pressure.

    This framework holds all too true for these two true trailblazers in the Charleston music scene. Having the winning plays, but watching people drop the ball and play you to the bench, knowing you’ve been in the gym. If I got anything from this track it is: watch out for the fake love and doubt and DON’T SLEEP on PAPER UP!

    Besides the ‘straight to the point’ hook, “it’s all love, til it really ain’t”, both artists set the record straight that not only are they forces to be reckoned with, but they peep the sly undertones and side bars that linger in our growing hip-hop community and still remain at the top of the food chain. With lines like: “..been buzzing all year playing operation/you can see me pushing keys, hear the oscillator/I been putting in time you should start your training/f*** complaining/they be making statements/better watch your neighbor before they start the scraping” Tyrie makes it clear that whether you are on board or not, he is on the move and has been on the move in major ways personally and artistically.

    Anfernee, who recently dropped an amazing neo-R&B/hip-hop album entitled Paragon in late 2022, adds to Tyrie’s striking verse and brings the concept home with a potent 16 bars shedding light on his stance and thoughts on this concept. He hit me like a brick when he says”…Working double time, It would be better if I cloned me/Trying to intercept the pack, defense on three/Weak shit blow me/ Sneak shit phony
    /about to snap and reset this s***, b**** I’m Iron Man/Locked in I just got the focus like a Vyvanse.” Do the work, keep it 100, and LOCK IN-#GxldApproved actual factuals.

    Check out “All Love” by Tyrie featuring Anfernee and stay tuned for more big stage appearances and upcoming releases from the PAPERUP! family.

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