Tyrie – 4 Flights (EP Review)

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    Tyrie – 4 Flights (EP Review)
    Published: February 10, 2023

    PAPER UP! Charleston City Paper’s 2022 Rapper of the Year, Tyrie, follows up his recent single “No Cap” with this cinematic 4-song EP, 4 Flights. Perfectly named 4 Flights, the album begins very light with a bouncy, almost symphonic vibe and transcends into a synth heavy, light trap-EDM feel. All painted with Tyrie’s classic experimental style, which gives me feels of classic Travis Scott, Kanye, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kid Cudi.

    Opening the 4 Flights with “Where I’m At”, Tyrie seemingly includes every aspect of the EP itself, into this one song. It begins with a symphony of cushy violins grazing over a slow trappy thump and slowly floats into an upbeat rhapsody garnishing some ‘no holds barred’ lyricism from Tyrie.

    As the album sails on, Tyrie takes some pages from the books of classic rock groups like The Arctic Monkeys and innovative, alternative soundscapes similar to the classic, 808’s and Heartbreak by Kanye West.

    “Higher Education” is the best representation of this. Starting with a classic rock slow stroll that shifts into some cryptic ambience, Tyrie really shows his sonic range. Two very different soundscapes, cleanly blended into one another to make a transcendental hip-hop track.

    Towards the midway of the EP, you start to feel a subtle upward shift in tempo, timbre, and overall feel. Tyrie fades out of the classic rock blend, and into glassy 808’s with extremely melodic, kicky trap-bass sounds, teamed with the push of grimy high hats and synths.

    “Balenciaga Dreams” & “2 Baddies” close the album in classic Tyrie fashion: high energy, subtle splashes of staccato lyricism, and shear electric energy. You can’t help but move. I can already hear crowds chanting: “LET’S GET TOXIC FOR A LITTLE!”, as Tyrie ends the EP with the club-centric, risqué, dynamic slap of “2 Baddies”.

    All in all, Tyrie presents a lilting EP that shows his production range and lets you take a gander at various aspects of Tyrie’s motivations, styles, and influences; as he continues to invest mind, body, and soul into manifesting this dream. ‘Meditate and transcend til ya eyes open’….and that’s a #GXLDAPPROVED message.

    Check out 4 Flights below and stay tapped in with Tyrie as he drops show dates, new music, and visuals!

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