True King Music Group – ‘Land of the Kings’

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    True King Music Group – ‘Land of the Kings’
    Published: July 8, 2020

    True King Music Group is a label and hip-hop collective based in Greenville, SC. The brand was founded in 2018 following the direction of founder and CEO OJ Phillips in conjunction with co-founder and CFO K.L. Frierson. At the time, the group consisted of just OJ as producer and K.L. being the only artist, but together they sought out talent to push their vision forward, and today the collective consists of 3 different singers and 4 different rappers, al of whom have different styles and flavors.

    “Just like a gumbo, yes a gumbo,” K.L. explains, “different parts that may or may not stand on its own join together to make an extremely savory dish.”

    K.L. further explains that several artists have come and gone through the group since the beginning, but all of them have benefitted from their time spent working with True King Music Group. Current members of the collective include Deon Da Don, King Zay, Shamar Juanye, Jus’ Relax, Arie the Mermaid, KL Frierson, and OJ Phillips.

    Last month, True King Music Group released an album called Land of the Kings, which serves as a sampling of the True King gumbo, which is a tasty gumbo if I do say so myself. My personal favorite is “Prestige Worldwide”, because of the OutKast references and vibes.

    Listen to Land of the Kings by True King Music Group below. Follow True King on Instagram @truekingmusicgroup.

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