TheVibeMaster & Eyelovelula – Eye Love the Vibes EP

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    TheVibeMaster & Eyelovelula – Eye Love the Vibes EP
    Published: October 9, 2020

    Last month, Columbia artists TheVibeMaster and Eyelovelula released a collaborative EP called Eye Love the Vibes. The EP contains four experimental R&B/hip-hop tracks that each come with a slightly different flavor, but that all stay true to what the EP’s title suggests; that it’s all about the vibes. In this case, we’re talking about spaced-out, futuristic vibes dripping with atmospheric synth and tied together by alternating male and female vocals that bounce off each other and connect nicely.

    “River of Love” stands out in particular in the Extra Chill vibe department. The song is nice and slow, and the beat has this intergalactic swirl synth that sounds like birds twittering in space. That coupled with the snaps makes for a really cool production effect and the vocals take full advantage of it. You might even find yourself snapping along.

    Listen to Eye Love the Vibes by TheVibeMaster and Eyelovelula below.

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