The Who – Live At Tanglewood July 1970 (Full Concert)

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  • The Who – Live At Tanglewood July 1970 (Full Concert)
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    The Who – Live At Tanglewood July 1970 (Full Concert)
    Published: April 19, 2016

    Here’s a great video of The Who live in 1970, right in the middle of the rock and roll era of the sixties and seventies. At this point, they had not yet released Who’s Next or Quadrophenia, but Tommy was ripe in the minds of the youth and Keith Moon was still alive and well, blowing up hotel room toilets with dynamite as The Who traveled around the world.

    This was the same year that they released their famous Live at Leeds album. Man, to see The Who in 1970. That would have really been something. Full setlist below. Enjoy.

    1. Bill Graham Introduction 0:00
    2. Heaven And Hell 0:33
    3. I Can’t Explain 4:43
    4. Water 7:09
    5. Keith’s monologue 17:09
    6. I Don’t Even Know Myself 18:32
    7. Young Man Blues Introduction 24:03
    8. Young Man Blues 25:05
    9. Tommy Introduction 30:48
    10. Overture/It’s A Boy 32:54
    11. 1921 39:27
    12. Amazing Journey 41:50
    13. Sparks 45:07
    14. Eyesight To The Blind 50:13
    15. Christmas 54:42

    Up next: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Live at Bonnaroo 2003 (Full Concert)

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