The R.E.D. Tapes Depict Documentary-Style Footage of Charleston’s Underground Music Scene

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    The R.E.D. Tapes Depict Documentary-Style Footage of Charleston’s Underground Music Scene
    Published: March 8, 2023

    In hip-hop, the cameraman is a pivotal piece of the puzzle. Hip-hop’s influence has always been extremely visual because it gives the viewer a peak into the enigmatic lives of entertainers. Aside from the flashy and dynamic video production in hip-hop, there is the treasured behind the scenes footage.

    BTS footage is responsible for some of hip-hop’s most classic moments. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s rappers would compile their tour footage, studio footage, etc and release it as documentary. Artists like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Lil Boosie, and Biggie are known for their BTS footage and documentaries.

    Charleston film director LaRone Grant Jr. presents “The R.E.D. Tapes”, a home video, documentary-style, series of volumes of BTS footage from the various corners of the Charleston underground music scene. The style of filming is mixture of influences like SMACK DVD, Pink Flamingo Collection, and AWGE DVD.

    Ron created R.E.D. (Rons Ego Death) Tapes in order to give the underground music scene a platform for people to get acquainted to the growing independent music community in Charleston. “The R.E.D Tapes” crew goes to underground venues and events in Charleston and film interviews, performances, and connects with the minds and opinions of the general public.

    LaRone Grant and his team, co-director Logan Williams and producer Elijah Winfield, have already released two Volumes of the series. Volume 1 is the introduction to the team, mission statement, and purpose of The R.E.D. Tapes. Ron and the team film interviews from different creatives and supporters at an outdoor event by SelectiveCHS, a vintage clothing collective in Charleston.

    All of the video, questions, and answers show the depth and love that people of all walks have for the underground. There are genuine collectives of creators, business owners, musicians, etc that want to build and spread the scene beyond Charleston.

    Check out Volume 1, released in October, below, and keep reading for volume 2, released last week.

    Volume 2 has clips from an outdoor DJ set from artist, photographer, and DJ, EL. There are cameos from Hirow, JTRawww, DJ ChrisTheAlmighty, and producer Tyler Saki networking and politicking ways to expand and build the underground scene.

    Each of these creatives have strong independent movements and when bound together with a support system, you get a dope movement.

    Also featured in Vol.2 is an interview and street performance with rapper/guitarist/singer/songwriterJL Boone aka B.A.S.I.C, that leads to his performance at Charleston Pour House.

    “The R.E.D. Tapes” remind me of the OddFuture WolfGang days. A community of extremely talented, like-minded, individuals that are using their talents to create networks and build healthy brands.

    We have to give a #GxldApproved thank you to Ron, Logan, and Elijah for executing a lost art in such an in-depth, colorful, way and providing a platform that spotlights creative and artistic freedom. I’m excited to see what’s to come from the R.E.D Tapes team.

    Check out “The R.E.D. Tapes” and stay tapped in to the rapid growing underground conglomerates that are rising in Charleston.

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