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    The 10 Best Slightly Stoopid Songs
    Published: February 29, 2020

    Photo: Keith Zacharski / In The Barrel Photo

    Slightly Stoopid are one of the bands who came up in the California surf rock scene of the 90s that was, of course, led and popularized by Sublime. In fact, Slightly Stoopid were actually discovered by Sublime’s Bradley Nowell, who signed the band to his label, Skunk Records, while Slightly Stoopid’s members were still in high school. The two bands share a lot of sonic qualities, though Slightly Stoopid is certainly less chaotic, more focused, but still just as high.

    The music of Slightly Stoopid has long been associated with summertime and good vibes, and yes, marijuana, which they have always advocated for rather openly. While the band has long since reached the point of recycling their own sound and thus hasn’t released anything really worth listening to since 2012, their old hits still carry enough merit to keep them touring every summer, filling outdoor venues all over the United States with all the local hippies who were born too late for what is honestly a very good time. The experience is more or less the same every time — it’s a reggae concert in a field with a bunch of chill people. What you’re imagining is exactly what you get from a Slightly Stoopid concert, and that’s what is great about it. You’re guaranteed a good party, with music that goes down nice and easy.

    Slightly Stoopid has released 9 studio albums to date, but most of the songs that people know come from Everything You Need (2003), Closer to the Sun (2005), or Chronichitis (2007). Those albums are all staples for driving with the windows down on your way to the beach, and much like Sublime, have always held a special place in the hearts of college bros and stoners everywhere.

    As far as musical merit goes, well, Slightly Stoopid are not Wilco or Radiohead, despite having just as many albums. They aren’t trying to play on that field, though. Slightly Stoopid are trying to have fun, and that they do very well, and they certainly know how to play their instruments, as evidenced by the following list.

    Here are the 10 best Slightly Stoopid songs.

    10. “Ocean” (Chronichitis, 2007)

    Starting off our list of the best Slightly Stoopid songs is “Ocean”, a groovy tune that floats along, guided by saxophone and harmonica. You just rode your skateboard to the pier. It’s a clear night and you’ve got your headphones, and you’re just going to sit there and look up at the stars. Or the ocean, as the song suggests.

    P.S. – There’s a live session of this song that features Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead. Check it out here.

    9. “Mellow Mood” ft. G. Love (Everything You Need, 2003)

    With a vibe that falls right in line with what the title suggests, “Mellow Mood” is a hazy afternoon in late July. You’re barefoot and you’re just in from a day at the shore. Instead of taking a shower you decide to bask in the salt and kick it on the porch with a beer, at least until after the sun goes down.

    8. “This Joint” (Closer to the Sun, 2005)

    If any band is known for making weed songs, it’s Slightly Stoopid. “This Joint”, if you can understand the words, is all about getting weed from California and rolling it up in a Philly. It’s driven by a dirty hip-hop beat and a thick bass line, and a flow that almost sounds like it could have come from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

    7. “Collie Man” (Everything You Need, 2003)

    “Collie Man” is a song about life’s troubles, and how the world keeps going no matter what, and as long as you’ve go music you’re good to go. Still, though, you’d like to hear back from your collie man, because a little bit of that “sensi herb” would make all of these troubles a whole lot easier to deal with. Slightly Stoopid says all this in low-key and relaxing tone, and you can feel the warmth emanating from the mix.

    6. “Open Road” (Closer to the Sun, 2005)

    The final song on Closer to the Sun, “Open Road” is about the end of another show and hitting the road for the next city, while thinking about a lover that you left at home. “Open Road” is a promise to be true while you’re out on the road, despite not knowing for sure if your lover will still be waiting for you when it’s time to go home.

    5. “No Cocaine” (Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, 2008)

    Yet another weed song from Slightly Stoopid, “No Cocaine” is a love song for Mary Jane that takes it a step further and denounces all other drugs. The message of “No Cocaine” is simple: stick with marijuana, indulge even, and stay away from other drugs and you’ll be alright. We at Extra Chill support the message of this song, at least as far as it applies to cocaine. That stuff is bad for you and we do not recommend you subject yourself to its effects.

    4. “Sweet Honey” (Everything You Need, 2003)

    An anthem of summertime lovin’, “Sweet Honey” is an upbeat pop song that will stick in your ears like… glue? It’s a light, acoustic-driven song that eases off the bass a bit, compared to much of the other songs in the Slightly Stoopid discography. The lyrics tell about a relationship where you don’t trust the woman you’re with, whether that’s a reflection of yourself or of the woman is up for debate.

    3. “Closer to the Sun” (Closer to the Sun, 2005)

    The massively popular Slightly Stoopid song, “Closer to the Sun”, is the high school anthem of so many who discovered the wonders of mind-altering substances when the weather was warm. Today it’s become an iconic song for Slightly Stoopid, and is definitive of both the band and the entire genre of music that the band exists within, of which Slightly Stoopid occupies the upper echelon. All-said, “Closer to the Sun” slaps.

    2. “2am” (Chronichitis, 2007)

    “2am” is the iconic Slightly Stoopid party song, with lyrics about being harassed by the man, meaning the police. They’re busting down your door at 2am, and then at 3am, and again at 4am, because they know you’ve got a ton of weed in there. The sax is juicy and the bass is hot and if you’re having an outdoor party in the summertime you might as well put “2am” on your playlist.

    1. “Wiseman” (Live & Direct: Acoustic Roots, 2001)

    “Wiseman” is a song comparing the wise man, who knows he is a fool, to the fool, who believes he’s the wise man. There are two versions of “Wiseman”, first the acoustic version on Live & Direct: Acoustic Roots, and then the version on Everything You Need that is produced in line with the rest of that album. The acoustic delivery of “Wiseman” off Live & Direct gives you plenty of space to mellow out in your own way, and is overall the best Slightly Stoopid song. “Wiseman” is surprisingly reflective coming from a band that otherwise made mostly pot-smoking party songs, and is one song that even those who oppose the entire genre can appreciate from this band.

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