Terraphonics ft. Shaniqua McCants – “Stay Warm”

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    Terraphonics ft. Shaniqua McCants – “Stay Warm”
    Published: November 3, 2018

    Yesterday, Charleston’s Terraphonics released their newest single “Stay Warm”, with the one and only Shaniqua McCants handling lead vocals. I’ve been waiting to hear this one ever since they first started dropping hints on Instagram about recording with Shaniqua, who I saw for the first time at Benjamin Starr’s live recording of A Water Album. Her voice combined with the masterful musicianship of Terraphonics makes “Stay Warm” an exciting look at what the group has in store for us, and an even better way to ease ourselves into winter.

    According to a recent interview that Terraphonics leader Thomas Kenney did with Charleston Scene, Shaniqua is now the group’s full-time vocalist. That means we’ll be hearing a lot more of this kind of collaboration in the future.

    Kenney also mentioned that the new material from Terraphonics will be more minimalistic in approach than their previous releases, with more of a natural feel that lends itself to being played in a live setting.

    Terraphonics will host yet another Sample Jam this Monday, November 5th at Proof, where they’ll be joined by Shaniqua McCants and Matt Monday. The last time Terraphonics did a Sample Jam at Proof there was a line out the door, so if you want to experience this you’ll have to get there early. Starts at 9pm. They’ve also got an opening slot for Cory Henry & the Funk Apostles at the Pour House on Friday, November 8th, and another set at Voodoo on November 13th to kick off the new Live at the Lounge series.

    Listen to “Stay Warm” by Terraphonics below.

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