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    Tennis Courts – “Stench”
    Published: July 25, 2023

    On Friday, Brooklyn-based rock band Tennis Courts released a new single called “Stench”, the third single to come from their upcoming debut album, You Won’t Find It On Your Own, due out September 22nd.

    The new single was released in the midst of the band’s 2023 summer tour, on the eve of their return to The Royal American in their former hometown of Charleston, SC. They played at Royal on Saturday, July 22 alongside Charleston locals Homemade Haircuts and Athens, GA-based Lighthearted.

    This means that Charleston got to hear “Stench” and many other Tennis Courts tunes live on Saturday night, offering a glimpse into how the band continues to evolve since moving to Brooklyn.

    Frontman Patrick Walsh continues to deliver an endearing presence and powerful vocal performance, and while the band takes a relatively head-on approach to garage rock, this genre is all about the presentation and Tennis Courts nail that aspect.

    They play quite well together, and I’ve personally enjoyed watching them grow from a college band that I had my doubts about into a band that I would make an effort to see anytime they’re in town.

    “Stench” especially highlights the vocals, with Walsh hitting a crescendo with each turn of phrase on the verses. The song is crafted with a loose arrangement that seems to follow the differing vocal intensities throughout, showcasing the band taking a sense of creative liberty to the songwriting process.

    Listen to “Stench” by Tennis Courts below, and stay tuned for the new album September 22, and the next Tennis Courts show at The Royal American on August 26th.

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