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    Tazz Majesty – “My Story”
    Published: May 30, 2023

    Charleston artist, Tazz Majesty strikes at our hearts with her latest single, “My Story”. The track is a deeply personal song that delves into Tazz’s trials and tribulations over the thumpy back drop of acoustics and sticky 808’s.

    Through her lyrics, she shares the mental, emotional, and physical shifts she’s experienced and how they’ve helped her develop her true essence as an artist. Though Tazz Majesty has exhibited this in projects like her Validation album, “My Story” seems more intrapersonal than most. While listening I could tell some of these feelings have been in her grasp for quite sometime, so the song serves as a bit of a release. The classic and relatable stories of a rose growing from concrete.

    One of the central themes in “My Story” is breaking generational curses. Tazz Majesty encourages listeners to use their self-awareness and enlightenment to break cycles and create new ones. This message is particularly poignant in today’s world, where many people are struggling to overcome the challenges of the past.

    “He chose me to bare the pain/my family slain/can’t lose my brain or be insane/I graduated from them chains I ain’t the same/I try to tame my demons all up in my head/the talk and test, I kill em dead/ no simon says/I get a check and send it right back to the bank”

    Coming from Tazz’s last few drops like the “Wockesha” Remix and “Street Reppin”, “My Story” lets us see a bit of Tazz Majesty’s soul and motivates us to make it through our struggles and vow to never return by breaking the cycles. A #GxldApproved framework. Stream “My Story” below and tap into Tazz Majesty!

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