SUSTO – “Hyperbolic Jesus”

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    SUSTO – “Hyperbolic Jesus”
    Published: June 15, 2023

    SUSTO just released “Hyperbolic Jesus”, the second single off their upcoming fifth studio album, My Entire Life, due out July 28th.

    The new album represents the return of Johnny Delaware in a co-producer role (alongside Justin Osborne & Wolfgang Zimmerman) for the first time since 2017’s & I’m Fine Today — a record that hits home with many of the band’s earliest fans.

    It also represents a series of lineup changes and personal changes for the band and specifically for frontman and principal songwriter Justin Osborne, who recently remarried, ultimately becoming a rebirth of sorts for SUSTO.

    “Hyperbolic Jesus” is a song about this rebirth, and finding a connection that gives Justin a sense of peace and the freedom that he seems to need.

    SUSTO’s lyrics have long been the band’s biggest strength, and Justin’s descriptions of a budding relationship here are compelling. He manages to capture both the fundamentals and the playful nuances that contribute to the bond, as told through memories and interactions.

    The bridge, which is pointed out by some studio banter in the background, contains some especially clever, and even silly lyrics that also paint a clear picture: “…You were playing video games with no clothes on / I was a horse with no name that you rode on / all through the night / feeling right / to feel good again.”

    Of the three SUSTO songs that have “Jesus” in the title, I have to say that “Hyperbolic Jesus” is my favorite. This is subject to change with future releases of SUSTO “Jesus” songs.

    SUSTO’s next hometown show is on Saturday, September 2nd at The Refinery with Big Something. Tickets to that and full tour dates here.

    Listen to “Hyperbolic Jesus”, and stay tuned for more news about the album.

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