Summer of Bill Film Series and Art Exhibit at the Charleston Music Hall

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    Summer of Bill Film Series and Art Exhibit at the Charleston Music Hall
    Published: May 2, 2017

    bill murray poster

    The Charleston Music Hall just announced a summerlong Bill Murray film series and art exhibit, featuring screenings of 7 different Bill Murray films on select weekends from May until August. There will also be a Bill Murray themed art exhibit at the Charleston Music Hall, opening May 31st and running straight through August 20th that will feature art from 20+ local artists. The films include the classics like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Lost in Translation, and The Life Aquatic, but at the request of Mr. Murray himself the series will also include a few of his “flops” like The Razor’s Edge, Rushmore, and Broken Flowers. Tickets to each individual screening are $8, and there is a 7 film pass available for $35.

    The art exhibit was organized by local Bill Murray fanatic Tiffany Pretlow, who was the brains behind the “Where’s Murray?” art show at King Dusko a few years ago. The Bill Murray art exhibit will open at 5:30pm on May 31st, with a free opening party until 7:30pm when the first film screening (Caddyshack) will begin. Local artists were commissioned to design posters for each film, and you can view them below the Summer of Bill film screening schedule.

    Film Screening Schedule

    Caddyshack – May 31
    The Razor’s Edge – June 6
    Ghostbusters – June 14
    Rushmore – June 29
    Lost in Translation – July 26
    Broken Flowers – August 2
    The Life Aquatic – August 20

    May 31: Caddyshack

    caddyshack poster
    Caddyshack by Jason Louis Groce

    June 6: The Razor’s Edge

    the razors edge poster
    The Razor’s Edge by Bennett Jones

    June 14: Ghostbusters

    ghostbuster poster
    Ghostbusters by Seth Deitch

    June 29: Rushmore

    rushmore poster
    Rushmore by Taylor Faulkner

    July 26: Lost in Translation

    lost in translation poster
    Lost in Translation by Karen Ann Myers

    August 2: Broken Flowers

    broken flowers poster
    Broken Flowers by Karen Ann Myers

    August 20: The Life Aquatic

    the life aquatic poster
    The Life Aquatic by Ann Peyton Sugg
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