Sorry, Peach – “Darling This Isn’t” ft. Honest Creature

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    Sorry, Peach – “Darling This Isn’t” ft. Honest Creature
    Published: March 22, 2022

    Indie-pop group Sorry, Peach released a new single, “Darling This Isn’t,” earlier this month, collaborating with fellow Spartanburg, SC act Honest Creature.

    “Darling This Isn’t” is a dreamy, pared-down track. The instrumental focus rests mainly on an acoustic guitar. That’s not to say the song feels simple, however. It’s sonically expansive, with deep, reverberating vocals and the well-placed echo here and there. 

    As is expected for a love song, the lyrics delve into the realm of relationships. “Darling this isn’t some joke that I’m playing / You’re my first thought when I’m waking” and “I’ll say it again / This will be different,” are some standout lines. 

    “It’s about falling into love, taking that leap, letting yourself trust someone enough to put your heart in their hands. It’s recognizing someone else’s scars while also recognizing yours,” frontwoman Tyerra Clayborne said of what inspired the track.

    Stream “Darling This Isn’t” by Sorry, Peach below. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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