Shows Releases New EP, Contractual Obligation

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    Shows Releases New EP, Contractual Obligation
    Published: July 12, 2023

    Born in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Shows are a South Carolina supergroup that started as a way to stay creative during the shutdowns, and has continued thanks to their third EP, Contractual Obligation.

    Led by Brett Nash (Secret Guest, Band of Horses), Dylan Dickerson (Dear Blanca) and Marshall Brown, the group also features Cam Powell (Dear Blanca, Stagbriar) Jared Pyritz (King Vulture), and Clay White (The Explorers Club, The High Divers). Both Contractual Obligation and the previous EP Music also feature appearances from Columbia musician Kat Hammond (Charlie Boy). 

    The EP’s title suggests that they didn’t plan to be a band for as long as they have. Maybe they were just looking to have fun in the beginning, but they seem to have accidentally created something awesome. Thus is the origin story for many great and terrible things on this earth.

    Contractual Obligation is experimental and at times silly, with each track carrying a distinct vibe that sets it apart from the others.

    “No Keto” is short, just a minute and a half, and finds itself within the genre of groovy indie pop. Track two, “Do I Wanna Do” is acoustic folk with a latin influence. “Sharon & Karen” brings a touch of the Beach Boys. Finally, “Cover the Earth” gives us the psych-punk that you’d expect to hear from a Brett Nash project (plus the national anthem).

    Listen to the Contractual Obligation EP by Shows below.

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