Seth G. – “A Time for Change”

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    Seth G. – “A Time for Change”
    Published: June 15, 2020

    Yesterday, Charleston violinist Seth G. released a huge collaborative track featuring 12 different Charleston artists, titled “A Time For Change”. The song is centered around a positive and powerful message about bringing people together to make a change in our society. Not only does this song absolutely slap, the inclusion of so many talented voices from all different musical styles and backgrounds makes “A Time For Change” a truly special release that deserves to be in your rotation this week.

    Musicians featured on the track include Seth G. on violin, Charlton Singleton on trumpet, Joel Chinloy on vocals, Daniel D. on violin, Mary Gilmore on vocals, David Higgins on vocals, Will Rayan on Guitar, Emily Curtis on vocals, Tim Davis on vocals, Huck Tim on Trombone, Anna Matthias on cello, and Eric Stanley on violin, with mixing and mastering by Calculations Of.

    We spoke with Calvin Dugan, the man behind the boards known as Calculations Of, about his involvement with “A Time For Change” and how it all came together.

    “On the day of the riot a gig we were splitting up got cancelled because the tear gas riot, etc,” Calvin explains. “I guess that kind of lit a fire under him [Seth G.] or something. Next thing I know he’s marching and he told me ‘This has to stop. Things have to change’”.

    From there, Seth reached out to all of the musicians featured on this track and asked them each to contribute to the song, and they all sent their parts over or recorded with Seth directly. They had all known and played music together prior to the recording of this, but the COVID lockdown naturally made things more complicated. It took a few weeks for all the moving parts to come together, and since none of the studios that they contacted for help with mixing and mastering ever responded, Calvin decided to mix and master the track himself. I’d say Calvin did it justice.

    Listen to “A Time For Change” by Seth G. & friends below. Follow Seth G. on Instagram @sethgmusic.

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