Semkari Releases New EP, Bad Timing

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    Semkari Releases New EP, Bad Timing
    Published: April 4, 2022

    Rapper and vocalist Semkari released a new EP, Bad Timing, on Friday. The 3-song project shows the artist flexing his ability to engage in compelling wordplay.

    In the opening track, “YSL,” Semkari alternates between playful lines about calling hoes and more serious contemplation on negative thoughts. He also gives the listener some clever turns of phrase, like “fuck all the beef I’m chasing the bread.”

    The next song, “Demon Time,” starts with zippy electronic reverberation and swishy background noises. Semkari raps in his characteristic style, placing emphasis on every fourth word. The chorus has a sing-songy feel, with repeated “yeah yeahs.”

    Rapper Jtrawwww is featured in “Villain,” the last track of the EP. It has a more muted sound thanks to Jtrawwww’s chill rapping style. 

    All three of the songs on Bad Timing exhibit an enigmatic, almost ominous tone. Stream the EP below. 

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