Secret Guest – ‘”Live” Hit Single’

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    Secret Guest – ‘”Live” Hit Single’
    Published: December 1, 2019

    After a glorious reunion set on the first night of Extra Chill Fest, Secret Guest are back to retirement, which naturally includes the release of three new tracks off their upcoming live album, the aptly named Live. The album was recorded over the course of two nights at The Royal American in June of 2018, and is filled with all the classics, and even some “Classic Banter”.

    The three new tracks released on Friday are under a compilation called “Live” Hit Single, and includes live versions of “Joker City”, “Faded History”, and “No Buzz”. These are all tunes that you’ll recognize if you spent any amount of time at a Secret Guest concert, which I hope for your sake that you did. Hearing the crowd sing along to this version of “No Buzz” is enough to bring out the nostalgia in anyone.

    According to the band’s recent Instagram post, the rest of Live will be released by the end of the year.

    Check out “Live” Hit Single by Secret Guest below.

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