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    Scene SC Sampler: Volume 9
    Published: April 27, 2018

    Perhaps one of the greatest South Carolina traditions is the annual sampler put out by our pals over at Scene SC. The 2018 Scene SC Sampler was released this morning, featuring a whopping serving of 24 brand new tracks from South Carolina artists. The sampler is a great way to get a feel for what South Carolina sounds like.

    I want to try and point out some of the more notable tracks on the sampler, but there are so many noteworthy inclusions that I’d end up listing out the entire sampler. I will say there are a few special collaborations included on there, such as a track from She Returns vs. 2 Slices, and Human Stranger’s (Human Resources + Little Stranger) first single “Later Love”, which you may have heard last week.

    Also on the sampler is the first official single release from Rare Creatures, who I’m pretty sure is going to be the next breakout band from South Carolina. You’ll also find “Paper Trails” by Wolfgang Zimmerman, and “Ballad #81,317” by Keon Masters, who are both members of Charleston’s beloved Brave Baby.

    I could go on all day about this sampler, but I want to finish off by mentioning that while you can listen to the sampler for free, you may want to consider supporting Scene SC by making a purchase via Bandcamp. The sampler is available for “Name Your Price”, and proceeds will go to keeping Scene SC alive and well, covering hosting costs and other expenses.

    Listen below, and share with anyone who enjoys, or you think might enjoy South Carolina music.

    2018 SceneSC Sampler by Scene SC

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