Salti Ray Release The Right Thing EP

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    Salti Ray Release The Right Thing EP
    Published: September 26, 2020

    Yesterday, Spartanburg indie rock band Salti Ray released their debut EP, The Right Thing. The EP contains four tracks, two of which have been released as singles, and the mostly unheard “Jessica” and “Parking Lot Airplanes”.

    The Right Thing EP is a sampling of several different flavors of Salti Ray, as well as a few different directions that they could head going forward. You’ve got the sunny single “Ocean City”, and then you’ve got the deeply personal, gritty “Jessica” that discusses relationships and what one might expect to get out of them, and I’ve already praised elsewhere the single “The Right Thing” .

    All of this is mainly centered around vocalist Mary Norris and her emotional intent, which drives and sets the tone for each song. Mary shows here that she isn’t afraid to go straight for the gut with her songwriting. It’s good stuff and shows that this band has a lot of promise.

    The EP was recorded in two sessions at Clemson University, with producer and engineer Dewey Boyd. Stream it below.

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