Really Valentine – “Rat Tail Comb” (Video)

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    Really Valentine – “Rat Tail Comb” (Video)
    Published: February 12, 2023

    As February progresses, the next #GxldApproved release on the list is “Rat Tail Comb”, the debut single by Really Valentine, a rising neo-soul lyricist here in the city of Charleston. Really Valentine has been performing throughout Charleston for a few months now and truly brings a one-of-a-kind sound. His vocal harmonies give me hints of Tupac’s tone and Anthony Hamilton’s deep southern soul.

    “Rat-Tail Comb” begins with a poetic soliloquy from Really Valentine and floats into a warm chorus inspired by “The Light” by Common. The way he sings the chorus is almost like a new age neo soul-type hymnal; soft and serenading, but still has a depth you can feel as he switches back and forth from harmony to verse.

    “There are times, when you need someone, I will be by your side/There is a love, that shines so bright-ly/Happy for you-and I”. Instead of paying homage to the light, he pays homage to love in this humble ode.

    The song encapsulates the vulnerability we feel when we bask in the love we have and the memory of the love we lost. All the while, navigating the many emotions and mental states we weave through like rat-tailed combs through kinky hair. The sincere lyricism, mixed with the caress of pianos, gentle drum kicks, and snares, set a calming backdrop for the nostalgic, almost lamenting feel Really Valentine presents in this song.

    Paired with the song is a smooth, slow-paced visual shot by Scrilla Keys of Carolina Coast Visuals. If you ever meet Really Valentine, you’ll see that the entirety of the song and video represent him very well. Quiet, present, soulful, and made for deep listening. Really Valentine has come a long way as an artist and live performer, and I am so excited to see what more he has in store!

    Check out the “Rat Tail Comb” video below and stream this #GxldApproved artist!

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