R Dotta Releases New EP, We Only Live Forever (Review)

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    R Dotta Releases New EP, We Only Live Forever (Review)
    Published: April 23, 2023

    One of the titans in Charleston’s evolving hip-hop scene, R Dotta, has added another fire project to his catalog. We Only Live Forever (WOLF) was released April 14th 2023 and is a 5-Song EP proving R Dotta to be continous force to be reckoned with behind the mic and on the stage.

    R Dotta’s well crafted delivery, storytelling, and realism are just a few of his attributes as an artist. Since being nominated for the ‘Up-and-coming AOY’ by the Charleston City Paper in 2021, he has been consistently dropping releases and performing in every corner of the Charleston hip-hip scene from Music Farm to the upcoming Cultura Festival at Royal American. Needless to say, he’s putting in the work to bring his title We Only Live Forever (WOLF) to life, by continuing to put forth a level of work ethic that only ends in legacy.

    Starting the album with “No Stopping” prod by JR 808, R-Dotta jumps out of the gate, setting the tone with high energy, anti-opposition based lyrics revolving around his ability to dominate the competition and exert a steady influence in the local music scene. Thumping 808’s, and swinging cadences by R Dotta, usher in the album with his classic high-levels of confidence and bar riddled style.

    Following the intro is “Callin My Bluff” which is probably the most impressive track lyrically in my opinion. He switches between different flows, rhyme schemes, melodies and plays on words, that bounce all over this trumpet driven beat.

    My favorite run was: “mama I’m sorry but now you supposed to be in Maseratis/ with rapping know I done turn to kamikaze / would die for this shit I’m speaking ‘lumenati / I probably shouldn’t say that shit there probably/ it’s cool I can recognize the outer bodies/ the God and gazelles out in Abu Dhabi/ Know God always with me this 9 always with me, somehow I done figured out the Fibonacci.” Absolute FIRE and this is just a few lines!

    The next two tracks on the album shifts into a more Memphis-crunk/ southern club trap vibe MADE for the exotic dance clubs.

    “Not At All” prod by Ry Louis, ‘jukes’ in with classic, muddy pianos, slapping kicks, and knocking 808’s garnishing the tempo of Memphis-crunk music similar to Duke Duece and Three Six Mafia. “She’s No Angel” almost seems like a continuation of “Not At All”,as it drifts in with a clean Anita Baker sample and rises into an exotic, dance club ready anthem orchestrated by Othello Beats.

    Closing the album is “Where’s Da Weed 2”, the sequel to the “Where’s the Weed” interlude which appeared on his album I Don’t Have Rivals. From paying homage to the ones we lost, to getting lifted with the ‘boo-thang’. All relatable nostalgic moments of us ‘lifting our spirits’ through the eyes of R Dotta.

    W.O.L.F is definitely #GxldApproved and represents R Dotta’s relentless and continuous application of pressure in the South Carolina hip-hop scene. As well as stories and gems that show R Dotta’s growth and maturity as an artist and as a God fearing man with a vision. Stay tapped in and check out the full album below!

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