Quinn Cicala – “August 2015” (Video)

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    Quinn Cicala – “August 2015” (Video)
    Published: August 9, 2018

    quinn cicala singing

    Quinn Cicala has been one of my favorite young bands in South Carolina ever since the first time I heard their 2017 album Dream I Had. I remember being at work with my headphones in and listening to that album on repeat for almost a week straight. There’s just something about the lyrics on that record that really resonates with me, and the more I listened to it, the more I found to relate with. Now, with the release of the music video for “August 2015”, I’ve rediscovered Dream I Had and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

    The video was created by Shibby Pictures, who is also responsible for the “In A Diner In Poughkeepsie” video that was released last year. The band met Shibby Pictures founder Jak Kerley at a Myrtle Beach show a few years back, and they have been good friends ever since. Jak is doing some really cool work, including a recent documentary called “Baseball Punx” that explores the connection between punk rock and the game of baseball.

    According to Quinn, he and the band hit the studio with Matt Tuton (Right or Wrong Recordings) this past winter to work on what will become their next album. He says the record is still a long way from release, but they will be releasing a three-song EP that was recorded this summer in the very near future. The band is also going on a full US tour this fall with Toy Cars out of New Jersey, and are slated to return to Fest in Florida this October.

    Check out the music video for “August 2015” by Quinn Cicala below, and stay tuned for a single from that three-song EP coming soon.

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