Premiere: The High Divers – “Talking To Myself” (Video)

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    Premiere: The High Divers – “Talking To Myself” (Video)
    Published: February 20, 2020

    This morning, Extra Chill is happy to debut the new music video for “Talking To Myself” by The High Divers. The track comes from the band’s 2019 EP, Ride With You, which was produced by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit guitarist Sadler Vaden. The video was self-directed and produced by The High Divers members Luke and Mary Alice Mitchell, who also just recently made the move from Charleston to Nashville.

    The “Talking To Myself” video starts with a familiar scene for The High Divers, who have been on the road constantly over the past few years: longtime friends and bandmates Luke Mitchell and Kevin Early asleep in the van. The two then launch into their own separate dreams, which are tied together by a mutual questioning of sanity, and of course the subconscious connection that can only come when you’re stuck in the van together for long periods of time, year after year.

    “The background of this song is somewhat anxiety ridden,” Luke explains. “It deals with being on the road, and wondering if you’re absolutely insane to be doing what you’re doing sometimes. The constant running and movement is reflective of the touring lifestyle, since you’re never in one place for long. The competitiveness could be a symbol of how every band has friction between its members, and its healthy as long as you come together for a common goal at the end.”

    The High Divers filmed the video for “Talking To Myself” on the road, mostly in National Parks along Route 66, in places like he Grand Canyon, The Cadillac Graveyard, The Redwood Forest, some beach in California, The Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee, The Petrified Forest in AZ, and Palo Duro. You’ll also see the famous “Standin’ on the corner” sign in Winslow, Arizona, which commemorates the classic Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey song “Take It Easy”, popularized by The Eagles.

    In 2020, The High Divers hope to release a new album, and have been in the studio recently to work on it. Between recording sessions, the band naturally plans to tour some more, and Luke and Mary Alice will continue to explore their new home in Nashville.

    “We are really enjoying the energy that Nashville brings towards our music and work ethic,” Luke says. “People work very hard at their craft, and that’s been a huge motivator for us. Not to mention, your musical hero might be sitting right next to you at a bar. Have to say though, Charleston still holds up as it’s own music scene, and we miss our buds.”

    Watch the music video for “Talking To Myself” by The High Divers below, and see tour dates and more at

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