Premiere: Lureto – “Ode to George”

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    Premiere: Lureto – “Ode to George”
    Published: July 8, 2022

    This morning, Lureto released their newest single, “Ode to George”. The funky instrumental jam is dedicated to George Clinton of Funkadelic, and comes from Lureto’s upcoming album A Peak From The Crow’s Nest, due out July 29th via Royal Potato. Lead single “One Rip” was released earlier this year.

    Lureto was started during the pandemic by Ross Bogan of Doom Flamingo along with Ben Mossman of Little Bird and Wallace Mullinax of The Reckoning, and drummer Jonathan Peace. They wrote and recorded A Peak From The Crow’s Nest at Fairweather Studio during this time.

    “Ode to George” is an exploratory, instrumental jam that takes its time to unfold, but delivers plenty of satisfaction along the way. Clocking in at over 8 minutes, the track is driven by Wallace’s guitar playing, which gently builds in intensity until breaking into a glorious solo.

    “I’m a big George Clinton fan, we were throwing some chords out there and realized after the fact that it was reminiscent of Maggot Brain,” Lureto’s Ross Bogan says. “So decided to dedicate this one to George. This was actually Wallace’s first guitar solo take when recording.”

    “Maggot Brain” is the epic, 10-minute Funkadelic song from 1971 that has been known to teleport listeners to another dimension. I’m not sure if George Clinton will ever hear Lureto’s “Ode to George,” but I do think he would approve of the dimensional shift achieved here.

    Listen below, and catch Ross Bogan at Charleston Pour House tonight for a double header Talking Heads and Gorillaz Tribute alongside members of Human Resources, Brave Baby, and Little Stranger. Tickets and more info here.

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