Premiere: Keon Masters – “<3 of the City"

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    Premiere: Keon Masters – “<3 of the City"
    Published: September 4, 2019

    In the midst of Hurricane Dorian commotion, we’ve teamed up with Keon Masters to bring you a little hurricane treat in the form of a brand new single. “<3 of the City”, which is premiering right here at Extra Chill this morning, is the third and final single off Keon’s upcoming solo debut, Many Thanks. The record is a peek inside Keon’s mind and what he’s been up to since Brave Baby called it quits in late 2017. It speaks to tackling the realities of adulthood, while still holding on to the beauty of innocence.

    “<3 of the City is about sticking it out in the relationship you want,” Keon says. “The balance of love, life, and desires is complicated but not impossible. Love is dope, life is great, and desires can be fulfilled!”

    With lyrics that dive into the challenges of a committed relationship, and believing in the power of love to work through these challenges. “<3 of the City” pairs Keon’s love story with a light mood, accented by smooth synth and acoustic guitar. If Dorian’s got you down, the new single from Keon Masters should help float your spirits.

    Listen to “<3 of the City” below, and stay tuned for Many Thanks coming this fall.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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