Premiere: Katie Rose – “New Year’s Eve” (Video)

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    Premiere: Katie Rose – “New Year’s Eve” (Video)
    Published: December 31, 2019

    This morning, in perfect timing for the end of 2019, we’re happy to debut the official music video for the newest single from Katie Rose, “New Year’s Eve”. The single was released earlier this month, and explores feeling heartbroken and missing a lost love around the holidays.

    “Everyone misses someone around the holidays and sometimes that makes celebrating hard, so I wrote a song for those who are thinking of a loved one as we go into the new year,” Katie says.

    For the “New Year’s Eve” video, Katie linked up with Charleston creative and musician Paul Chelmis. She had worked with Paul in the past on a few photo shoots, and she says that after seeing the photos and some of his other work, she knew she wanted to work with him on the NYE video.

    “It was incredibly cold out and I had to wear this strappy dress, so I was dying while having a great time,” Katie expalins. “Paul and I both recruited some friends to come dance at the very last second, so we owe a lot to them for coming out and dancing in the cold with only a few hours heads up. Everyone involved was fantastic and I think we all had a great time making this vision come to life.”

    Katie is currently finishing up an EP that she says is her best work yet. She didn’t want to give any spoilers, but she did mention that the EP is about “growth, becoming the person you want to be and figuring out where you’re meant to be.” We will learn more about the new EP in 2020.

    Enjoy the music video for “New Year’s Eve” by Katie Rose below, and Happy New Year!

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