Premiere: Heaven Honey – “Honeydew” (Video)

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    Premiere: Heaven Honey – “Honeydew” (Video)
    Published: February 9, 2021

    Heaven Honey’s Jordan Victoria has spent some time imagining the ideal lover, just like the rest of us. There was a time, too, when she thought she may have found this ideal partner, and she sings about him in the synth-pop single “Honeydew”, released in December via Cold Lunch Recordings. Today we’re happy to share the music video for “Honeydew”, which is quite revealing as it shows there’s more to the story here.

    The “Honeydew” video was shot on VHS at the Nashville historic home, House of Adora, by repeat collaborator Josh Whiteman. Jordan models some bottomless outfits and vibes out in this extravagant vintage space, which she says was the perfect place for the video shoot.

    “It’s pretty magical,” Jordan says. “I would pay money just to spend the night there. Every single room in the house is outrageously beautiful. Beverly, the owner, manages to give each room it’s own unique aesthetic while maintaining a cohesive retro theme throughout the house.”

    There’s definitely a lot to look at here, from the red velvet bed, to the crystal chandeliers, to the pink flamingos, and more. What I’m not seeing, though, is this lover that Jordan sings about.

    “You could say that the girl in this video isn’t seen with her sweetheart because she’s living in this fantasy world where she dwells in her illusions of the perfect love,” Jordan says. “Or just call it a video of me looking like a tart.”

    Heaven Honey released three singles in 2020, and 2021 brings plans for even more new music, which we can first expect to hear in March. Jordan explains how in the past she had been focused on one song at a time, and this year she plans to piece together a more full body of work.

    The other two singles from 2020, “Tomorrow I’ll Try” and “Total Abandon” are a bit more downbeat in style and were also released with music videos that are worth checking out. Doubly so if you like the way that Jordan is dressed in the “Honeydew” video. You might also want to check out Heaven Honey live on Chaturbate, my friend told me it was really good.

    Watch the music video for “Honeydew” by Heaven Honey below.

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