Premiere: Harpooner – “In Two Minds” + “Another Drink”

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    Premiere: Harpooner – “In Two Minds” + “Another Drink”
    Published: April 1, 2021

    Photo: Citizen Kane Wayne

    Rising Nashville pop chamber act Harpooner is set to release his sophomore album, In Two Minds on April 30th via Cold Lunch Recordings. This morning Extra Chill is pleased to premiere the final two singles from the album, the title track “In Two Minds” and “Another Drink”. These tracks highlight Harpooner’s Scott Schmadeke’s knack for introspective songwriting and glowing orchestral arrangement, and serve as a laid-back soundtrack for your moody Thursday morning, as well as a taste of what’s to come from the rest of the album.

    “In Two Minds” explores the intricacies of a complicated breakup, where you’re not sure if you’ll never speak to the person again or if you’ll be able to remain friends somewhere down the line. This is sung with delicacy over gentle piano and harmonic violin, accenting the uncertainty in the lyrics and inviting you into Scott’s world, and perhaps your own, to ponder whether it’s worth letting go or if there’s still something worth hanging on to. Scott finds himself inspired by the guitar styling of notable songwriter Andrew Combs, and the track was originally written for rising folk-americana darling Erin Rae.

    “It tosses up the complexities of holding onto someone that you care about, and changing your mind every other day about the two of you,” Schmadeke explains. “A breakup is a rollercoaster with these intense gut pains, not being able to eat or sleep. Then two days later, waking up to the sun with a new perspective and fresh understanding. The constant bouncing back and forth is never ending for some.”

    “Another Drink” touches upon another sensitive topic for both Scott and many people in the music industry, as well as the service industry. As the title suggests, it’s a song about continuously turning to alcohol even when you know it’s not what’s best for you. You may try your best to abstain, but alas, you hit the bottle once again. These ruminations are accompanied by building Beatles-style piano (i.e “Let It Be”) and orchestral development that serves to bring out the frustration present in the lyrics.

    “I’ve been touring for 10 years now and in and out of the service industry for 15 years,” Schmadeke says. “In most situations, you are surrounded by people who either are indulging or serving people to be indulged. I’ve wanted to get sober for so long but then always get trapped back into it. It’s not anything crazy but I’m on track now and gonna see how 2021 comes into play. Don’t be fooled, I have slipped and fallen once and I may have another drink.”

    Listen to “In Two Minds” and “Another Drink” by Harpooner below.

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