Premiere: Godwin Falcon’s New Album, We Should Already Be Dead

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    Premiere: Godwin Falcon’s New Album, We Should Already Be Dead
    Published: May 10, 2024

    Godwin Falcon are a Charleston born-and-bred beach metal band who got started at Wando High School way back in 2010. According to their bio: “they are a bunch of no-bullshit sluts and want to be treated as such. They would do anything for love.”

    Today, Godwin Falcon release their new album, and their first on streaming services, We Should Already Be Dead. We’re happy to premiere the album on Extra Chill.

    We Should Already Be Dead is extremely volatile music, with screaming vocals, heavy drops, and fast drumming. There are melodies to be found, but as you’ll hear on the opening track and lead single “Fratitude Adjustment,” Godwin Falcon really aren’t messing around here. They are going for blood.

    Still, they manage to have a good time in the process, as you’ll hear on the tune “Bro Big or Bro Home,” which drops out of hardcore into a pop-punk arrangement halfway through, and then finally brings the screaming back in for a chaotic mashup-style segment to close things out.

    Godwin Falcon is Paul Pavlich (bass/vocals), Brenton St. John (vocals), Creighton All (guitar), Matt Hughes (vocals) and Jonathan Peace (drums). We Should Already Be Dead was recorded with Wolfgang Zimmerman’s at his downtown Charleston recording studio, The Space.

    Stream We Should Already Be Dead by Godwin Falcon below, and read our Q&A to learn more about the band and the album. Godwin Falcon celebrate the album release and the ‘culmination of 14 years of beach metal’ on Friday, May 17th at the Music Farm with Acid Hawk and Gods.

    Godwin Falcon – We Should Already Be Dead (2024)

    Godwin Falcon Q&A

    When/where did you form? 

    2010 in Charleston, SC. We formed the band as an answer to the question: if bluegrass had a super villain, what band would it be?

    How did you record We Should Already Be Dead?

    Wolfgang Zimmerman recorded us at his downtown studio in the later half of 2023 and beginning of 2024. The recording process took us several months, as well as mixing and mastering. Sessions were about two weeks apart each time, allowing us to listen to the new edits repeatedly and truly hone each recording to sound exactly like we wanted it to. 

    What makes this album special?

    This is the most complete collection of Godwin Falcon songs to date. These are songs that spanned several different recordings, remixed and remastered the way they were intended to sound. We are very proud of this recording, and it will be the first time that Godwin Falcon’s music will be available on all major streaming outlets. We’ve gone digital, and we can’t go back now. We’re here to show the internet what the fuck is up. 

    Anything else interesting that people would want to know about your band or the album? 

    We plan on recording new music with Wolfgang in 2025, which we’re all very excited about. In the meantime, we’ll be gigging for the new record and causing our own brand of mayhem in this city and goth kids will pump our new jams on every beach up and down the east coast. If there was a mall on the beach somewhere, we’d play a fucking gig in the food court right in front of the Taco Bell. 

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