Premiere: Dead Swells – “Summernakedheat” (Video)

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    Premiere: Dead Swells – “Summernakedheat” (Video)
    Published: July 22, 2021

    As we approach the hottest part of the year here in South Carolina, Charleston’s Dead Swells crank up the heat even more with the new music video for “Summernakedheat” off their recent self-titled album. Making its debut this morning here on Extra Chill, the video was filmed and directed by Persona La Ave and features Dead Swells frontman and guitarist Paul Nederostek on Folly Beach, soaking up the vibes.

    The song itself, “Summernakedheat” can also be described as “soaking up the vibes”, as can the rest of that Dead Swells album. This is the first song on the album and it opens things up with an extended groove that sets the tone for what’s to come. Dylan Dawkins of Persona La Ave was the ideal person to make this music video as this track fits right in with the explorative style of music that he himself creates. He takes advantage of that extended groove and gets some pretty funny shots of Paul with a microphone, waiting and getting ready to sing. The entire video has a lighthearted, comical energy to it that I think is a great fit.

    There is one fantastic shot involving a golf cart, where Paul pulls up into frame and sings while looking at the camera, and then pulls out of frame just as he reaches the lyric “I don’t wanna stay”. And then there’s the shower scene, which makes you question whether Paul’s calm demeanor is all an act, and does he really drink and cry in the shower every night?

    Find out for yourself and watch the video for “Summernakedheat” by Dead Swells below.

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