Premiere: Baby Yaga – “Going to Hell” (Video)

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    Premiere: Baby Yaga – “Going to Hell” (Video)
    Published: June 28, 2020

    It’s now been a year and a half since our first interview with Baby Yaga, back when they released their debut single “Not Even!”. Back then, the band had just gotten started, they were a three-piece, and frontwoman Presley Randall was just learning the ropes on guitar well enough to write and record in a studio environment. Now, the band is a four-piece (adding Gee Peralta on bass), Presley herself has morphed into a self-proclaimed “guitar god”, and they’re set to release their debut EP, FUCK, tomorrow morning.

    “It’s been a long time coming,” Presley says, “and now that we’ve had time to go to the mountains and do mushrooms about it, we know we’re ready for the patient and deserving people to hear it.”

    This morning, we’re happy to debut the music video for a song off the EP, “Going to Hell”. You’ve probably heard this one if you’ve seen Baby Yaga perform live, which obviously hasn’t happened in a while. As the title suggests, this is song about going to hell.

    The irreverent music video was filmed at an undisclosed church in North Charleston, and features the band sitting in a Sunday service, exploring their own individual relationships with God and Satan, and deciding how to proceed. During the service, Gee is drinking out of a flask, while Presley and Dave enjoy a pornographic magazine, and Avery pays close attention like the good little church boy that he is. The video progresses as the band shows us precisely why they are all going to hell. Except Avery.

    The FUCK EP was recorded at The Lab on John’s Island with producer and engineer Matt Tuton, who has been the man behind the boards for every Baby Yaga release thus far, and also appears in the music video you’re about to watch.

    “Recording music is like cooking, in that it takes time and some people hate cilantro,” Presley explains. “You just have to trust your taste, and if some people think its soapy, tell them to lather up and keep walking, buster! Our process was not unlike making a good curry. We began last Fall with these basic, 3-piece arrangements, and continued to simmer the songs while adding just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness until they bloomed beautifully in Spring. We suggest pairing your FUCK curry with a side of whisky or a nice, thick J.”

    Watch the video for “Going to Hell” by Baby Yaga below, filmed and directed by Dries Vandenberg. Stay tuned for a good FUCK tomorrow.

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