Premiere: Argot – “Nancy” (Video)

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    Premiere: Argot – “Nancy” (Video)
    Published: November 21, 2023

    Today we’re happy to premiere Argot’s new music video, for their recent single “Nancy.” This band has long been an underground staple of the Charleston music scene, known for lyrical indie rock songs and being low key cool as hell (in my personal opinion).

    The video, shot by Taylor Hickman of B-Side Sessions, was filmed at a rented house on Lake Murray, SC. It features John Brooker (guitar, vocals) and Grady Rogers (bass) of the band trying their best to waterski in a suit while performing “Nancy.”

    John’s songwriting and vocal style has a clear influence from expansive indie rock staples like Matt Berninger of The National, but the arrangements are three-piece garage rock.

    “Nancy” is the group’s first single release since 2022’s EP, I Miss Everyone. It also marks the group’s first-ever music video.

    Enjoy the video for “Nancy” by Argot below. Read on for an exclusive Q&A with frontman John Brooker providing a more in-depth look at the song and the video’s creation.

    Argot – “Nancy” (Video)

    Q&A with John Brooker of Argot

    Where did you film the video? (looks like a rad place)

    Shot by Taylor Hickman of B-side sessions, the video was shot on Lake Murray, SC (we were gonna try somewhere closer like Lake Marion, but apparently they have a ton of alligators). We rented a little cabin there and took out Grady Rogers’s boat for the skiing. The original plan was to have the video be the band members lip-syncing to the whole song while water skiing. Turns out water skiing was harder than we thought, especially in a wet suit (not a wetsuit).  

    How did it feel swimming in a suit?

    It definitely got tiring after a while and I was happy to be wearing a life jacket with that thing. Wet suits are hard to take off I’ve learned as Grady and I swapped the suit a couple of times. It was fun to be a ham. 

    Who is Nancy? 

    Nancy isn’t an actual person, but I think an amalgam of people. All the people you think have their stuff way more together than you, but really don’t, or maybe they do, but who cares.  So the song is about jealousy or infatuation.

    Any insight on future Argot plans? 

    We’re doing more recording currently and have a big batch of songs on the works, likely playing some shows this spring!

    Anything else you want to mention?

    Thanks! We’re excited to put this video out it’s our first and we had a lot of fun with it!

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