Pimpit – “Hood Bible” (Video)

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    Pimpit – “Hood Bible” (Video)
    Published: January 3, 2022

    Clemson-based rapper Pimpit released a music video for his single “Hood Bible” on New Year’s Eve. The video was shot and directed by Shot By Ricki studios.

    The opening scene of “Hood Bible” shows a young boy decked out in Clemson gear playing football outside. This image is in stark contrast to the next shot, which features Pimpit in a ski mask, rapping. “Mama get down on her knees / each and every night / cause she knows her son’s deep up in these streets,” he says, setting the theme for a song about the struggle of making it on the streets and the conflicts it can create within your relationships.

    Pimpit continues to rap about the perils of street life — some people will rob you, others will take your life — and soon we see his mother finding a box filled with his guns and money. She prays over the paraphernalia. Later she confronts her son, throwing the money at him. Pimpit walks out the door. 

    The final shot features the same small child from the first scene on the bed playing with the football. He transforms into Pimpit as an adult, smoking on the bed with his gun, counting his money. “Hood Bible” as an emotional account of the turmoil of a lifestyle Pimpit can’t seem to leave behind. 

    Watch the video for “Hood Bible” below.

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