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    Figure I’d put out the bat signal here for any fellow Extra Chill readers who will be making the pilgrimage to Delaware for the Phish festival in August. I’m in and I know @qrisg is in too. Some other Extra Chill folks who haven’t signed up yet will also be there…

    Pretty excited, this will be my first time attending a Phish festival. I’m going to print some bumper stickers to hand out to people.

    Announcing Mondegreen: A 4-Day Phish Festival – Phish

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    I’m in – I have an extra GA Parking pass (needed to reserve a campsite) bc my crew bought too many – if anyone needs it I’ll ship it for free and you will save some money. With an extra 20 bucks you can get in a day early with the car camping and get in on the speculation of whether the sound check will be open to the public. Wristbands are also required to get in unless you hide your friend in the bed of your truck and they aren’t searching for trunk wooks

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    Damn PartyBoyGEasy in the house! You know it’s gonna be a good time. I still haven’t Sat down to look at everything, so I don’t have a plan yet at all. I think we are gonna try to film a bunch of content and maybe do some interviews etc.

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    I was hoping to trunk wook my way in with @chubes. Guess that isn’t an option. Dang it technology!

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