Persona La Ave Releases New Album b. comfort Vol. 1 feat. Keon Masters

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    Persona La Ave Releases New Album b. comfort Vol. 1 feat. Keon Masters
    Published: December 7, 2020

    On Friday, Charleston experimental producer Persona La Ave released a new album called b. comfort Vol. 1. He has been releasing music non-stop all throughout 2020. We’ve covered eight different releases, and I know there are even a few that we missed. Even with all these releases, though, the music doesn’t get stale because Dylan is constantly changing things up and using different approaches. Some of it is more atmospheric, some of it is more danceable, and the rest is somewhere in between, always with a dose of the late night blues.

    b. comfort Vol. 1 is the most jangly indie rock influenced Persona La Ave music that I’ve heard. There is a lot of spaced-out electric guitar, plus drums from Drew Lewis on the whole album and bass from Tommy Merritt on “LakeLock” and “Streetwalking”. There are also two songs that feature former Brave Baby frontman and Extra Chill Fest 2019 headliner Keon Masters: “Call Your Friends” and “Life of the Party”. The cover art was made by former Extra Chill employee and Kate Fischer.

    The whole album is pretty chill, but the songs that feature Keon on vocals are really something else. It’s not the first time that these two have collaborated, either — Dylan made the music video for Keon’s “Limbo” earlier this year. I’d like to hear a lot more of it.

    Listen to b. comfort Vol 1. by Persona La Ave below.

    b. comfort Vol. 1 by PERSONA LA AVE

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