Persona La Ave – ‘Music Is Pleasure /// No Place In This World’

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    Persona La Ave – ‘Music Is Pleasure /// No Place In This World’
    Published: April 7, 2020

    Last week, Charleston electronic project Persona La Ave released a new album called Music Is Pleasure /// No Place In This World. The album is a bit of a different style than the groovy party music he had been releasing throughout 2019 with his former Isabella Street roommates in local projects Youngster and B-Side. Here Dylan gets back to his solo production style of free-flowing electronica, almost like a stream of consciousness, with just a couple of musical guests featured throughout.

    The album opens with “Music Is Pleasure”, which is a collaboration with bassist Kevin Early of The High Divers. That song is a total groove that fits the style of the Isabella recordings. There is a very juicy synth in there, and Kevin’s bass bumps alongside his sensual ad-libbed vocals. It’s just a very fun song and it fits the title “Music Is Pleasure”, at least as I sit here writing this from quarantine on my back porch. Blake Ratliffe of Youngster plays guitar on track 6, “PleasurePrinciple”, another groove, but a bit more ambient.

    The album alternates between ambient songs that sound like one continuous wave of relaxing sound, and then more experimental and upbeat songs that sound like a dance hall at 5am on Mars.

    Listen to Music Is Pleasure /// No Place In This World by Persona La Ave below.

    Music Is Pleasure /// No Place In This World by PERSONA LA AVE

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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