Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents: The Holy City Americana Fest, Part 1

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    Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents: The Holy City Americana Fest, Part 1
    Published: April 2, 2018

    The first round of the Holy City Americana Fest was just announced for Saturday, April 14th at Madra Rua Irish Pub in Park Circle. Presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon, the day-long event will feature performances from six of the Lowcountry’s most talented female artists. In addition to the musical performances, there’s a special PBR-infused menu being curated for the event, for both Brunch and Dinner (PBR BBQ rack of ribs, anyone?).

    The Holy City Americana Fest is free and open to the public. The musicians will be set up on Madra Rua’s newly-renovated outdoor stage. This event was organized by Vive Le Rock Productions, who the same folks who organize the annual Rockabillaque in Park Circle. The Rockabillaque is always a blast, and this is bound to be a great time as well. Especially since PBR is involved.

    Full schedule of music is below.


    11am ~ Zoe Child
    12pm ~ Erin Johns
    1pm ~ Hazel Ketchum


    7pm ~ She Returns From War
    8pm ~ Jordan Igoe
    9pm ~ Lindsay Holler

    More info here.

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