Pablo Collective to Host Benefit Show, Release Sampler

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    Pablo Collective to Host Benefit Show, Release Sampler
    Published: September 29, 2017

    If you haven’t heard of the Pablo Generation yet, you’re about to learn. They are a group friends that comprise eight (as of right now) bands that have come together to form a collective that serves to support their musical endeavors. The Pablo Collective is based in the upstate of South Carolina, and was named after a house show venue where each of the bands played their early shows, and still play on a regular basis. Pablo has allowed the artists to build a large local following, and many of them are starting to pick up steam well beyond the upstate.

    Below is a list of the Pablo Generation bands, with a link to their respective Bandcamp pages where you can listen to their music. You might want to get familiar with their sounds, because you’ll be hearing about them a lot in the coming months.

    Daddy’s Beemer – Slack Rock

    Apricot Blush – Surreal Folk

    Tom Angst – Twee Pop

    Bleach Bug – Bleach Rock

    J.S. Terry – Tribal Folk

    Prozac Dreams – Punk

    Wallpaper – Psych Folk

    Quality Time – Pop Punk

    Now that you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with the Pablo Generation, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are all going to play together at The Radio Room in Greenville on Friday, October 6th. Being young and financially strapped, the Pablo Generation doesn’t currently possess the funds required to distribute their music on a large scale. The solution to their financial woes comes in the form of a benefit concert for which all proceeds will go toward spreading the music to the masses, including the creation of a brand new website. Starting at 7:30pm, each Pablo Generation band will play a quick set one after another, festival style. This mini festival fundraiser has been given the name Pablopalooza.

    In addition to the awesomeness that is Pablopalooza, there is also a sampler in the works containing a new song from each of the Pablo Generation artists. The Pablo Sampler will officially release on October 10th, but everyone who attends Pablopalooza will receive access to the sampler four days early via Bandcamp. Tickets to Pablopalooza are $10 in advance of the show, and $12 at the door. More info here.

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