Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Like A Hurricane” (Live 1978)

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    Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Like A Hurricane” (Live 1978)
    Published: April 16, 2016

    This performance of “Like A Hurricane” comes from Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s Rust Never Sleeps Tour in 1978, and the subsequent concert film released in 1979. You may notice the little Jawa figures running around the stage, as well as the semi-theatrical production.

    Neil had the idea to do a tour that was unlike anything he had ever done before, so he and his friends devised this elaborate stage production to accompany the music, complete with hooded, blackfaced roadies running around the stage, bringing guitars and other gear to the musicians.

    It was a strange concept, and all of the songs were recorded and later released as an album, titled of course Rust Never Sleeps.

    Rust Never Sleeps was named Rolling Stone’s album of the year in 1979. The production of the concert also netted them a few awards. You don’t really see stuff like this happening at shows anymore, so it’s nice that this was recorded way back when. Oh, and by the way, Neil Young is playing Old Black here, yet again.

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