Modest Mouse – Live at Pontiac Grille May 1998 (Full Concert)

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    Modest Mouse – Live at Pontiac Grille May 1998 (Full Concert)
    Published: March 30, 2016

    Modest Mouse – Live At Pontiac Grille 5/9/98 (Full Performance)

    I’m a huge fan of these late 90s Modest Mouse concert videos. It’s cool as hell to see a younger version of the band playing songs that they still play today, but before they had come out with all the albums they have today. This one is especially a gem because both the recording quality and the performance is top-notch. It’s a full concert, one whole hour of non-stop early Modest Mouse at the Pontiac Grille in Philadelphia, PA. If you’re into Modest Mouse, I guarantee you’ll dig this. Full setlist below.

    1. “Cowboy Dan” 00:00
    2. “Polar Opposites” 10:54
    3. “Doin’ the Cockroach” 14:20
    4. “Broke” 19:36
    5. “Truckers Atlas” 23:52
    6. “Dramamine” 33:00
    7. “Trailer Trash” 38:48
    8. “Never Ending Math Equation” 43:43
    9. “Dark Center of the Universe” 47:48
    10. “Tundra/Desert” 53:06

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